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It seems that many copies of Deathly Hallows have already been sold in New York and the New York times got their hands on a copy and have already printed a review. While they did not give out many spoilers, there are a few about the number of deaths and things that have been speculated about for the last ten years. I will not say any of it here, but for anyone who wants to read it, go to the New York Times website and go to the book section. I read the entire thing and it did not spoil my own reading of the book. But if you want to be completely surprised, DON'T GO THERE! :)


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Forte, we both come in close catagory. I dont mind slight hints and clues, and that article actually gave me something more to think about.
The writer didnt give away who dies, and who does what. But he did give away what Deathly Hallows are. For some people, that is disturbing. I would suggest all our fellow members here should excercise caution, before reading it. Spoilers are after all spoilers. They will spoil something for sure. :D
New York times is now being forced into telling where exactly and when exactly they got the copy of Deathly Hallows.
JKR doesnt have only fan army apparantly. Those guys in black suite are scarier than some crazy fans like us chanting "Die, New York times, Die".


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I head about this on Fox11 news last night - I thought the legal eagles were swooping in to have it taken down?
Geez - it does make you wonder - all those details out there now - but still, I am determined to read it the way I want it - not to have it leaked to me before I get that chance.
Makes you wonder what some people are thinking - really - I mean posting a review of the book before it is due out - you telling me they didnt know?
Publicity vermin make me ill!


Totally Potterfied!
I can't believe so many places dared to release the books so early. It has always been a big deal that no one saw the book except those who had to, like the artists and publishers. Well, I guess those who decided not to keep the secret will have to answer to JKR's army of attorneys before it is all through.

I also heard that a website that sells books mailed DH out to those people who ordered the book a week ago. JKR's army of lawyers have already filed suit against them. I have a friend who saw the entire book online. He said that someone had scanned every single page of the book and was selling the book online. Of course, that is a big no, no!
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i just flicked on the the nyt site , i started reading most of it but it seem to dampen the excitment of the book reading it so i stopped.
i think all the people do it for publisty. but there all have to suffer jkr will hit back hard.