Newly discovered in book 7!


Time Turners
I can't believe I only just worked out that Lily and James Potter were killed on Halloween. Duh!!!
Anybody else discovered anything in this book that was staring at them right in the face all along?


Time Turners
Yeah, cuz didn't they call it Hallow's Eve or something in an earlier book? But yeah, to answer your question, I did catch the Halloween reference.


Time Turners
I guess the whole Halloween thing would make sense though, as people say that it is the night where the defences from good against evil are weakened.
Can't believe i was so stupid as to not notice it the first time around though!


afraid of my own shadow
i am sure it says in one of the earlier books that they were killed on Halloween, or was that on JK's website?

i will come back to this when i figure out the stuff that has occurred to me!


Time Turners

i live in the united states,

my coppy of DH refers to a "Sorcerer's Stone "
is that just for america, and in turn did the EU get "Philosopher's Stone"

just curious??


Sherbet Lemon
I think Halloween reference was there in books before. I think we have mentioned that night numerous times here in various threads. If I find it, I will post here.....


Time Turners
Here are a few that I could find:

Catchthesnitch said:
This chapter also starts a pattern of important things happening on Harry's birthday and Halloween. Discussed further below in general septology clues, but Harry's birthday and Halloween in each of the books hold significance. In this one, Halloween is the day that Harry's parents were murdered. It is also in this book the day that Harry Ron and Hermione become friends through the shared trauma of defeating the troll. In this book, Harry learns he is a wizard on his birthday.

Finnegan said:
Now, this narrative structure can be seen as being repetitive within the text - it happened once, when Lord Voldemort first fell from power on Halloween, 1981 (which is recounted mainly in the first book, The Philosopher's Stone, and in the fifth book, The Order of the Phoenix)