No Limits (Spoilers on Book 7)


Time Turners
I started responding to a quick poll I just took here. Who would be Head Girl? I voted for Hannah Abbot, by the way. Then I thought about the scope of my realization and decided to start a new thread we can all contribute.

Since Ive finished the sevnth book I know somethings. Had normality sustained, the obvious choice is clear. Hermione. But we've been sucked into a world with out parameters and this is a perfect example. While the three go galavanting around the country, what went on at Hogwarts? Well Neville meets up and tells us the deteriorating conditions. That just scratches the surface.

How were the Hallows made? What other things were in the Secrets of the Darkest Art? (The Horcrux instruction book), ETC. We have been given an excelent skeleton of a magical world from J.K. and I believe we should fill the flesh of the world with our wandering thoughts. While you were reading did your mind stay focused throughout or did you wander off the trail. I wandered with things like What did Quirell do on his journey? and so on.

Please respond with your thoughts on the fringes of things that were never mentioned in the books but may have happend on the side while we were focused on Harry.

Dr Winterbourne

Time Turners
I often thought whist reading about who the head boy might be. I decided it was Malfoy - as it was Snape who chose them.

One interesting fanfic I read dealt with what Lupin was up to, prior to getting the call from Dumbledore. It seemed obvious once I read it - he was fighting saucy lesbian vampires in Eastern Europe.

I think that fanfic is doing what you suggest - filling in the flesh of the world. Or eviscerating it. Or just sending some parts to bed with others.