October Wizard of the Month


Time Turners
Not sure many people are coming through here anymore, but I did check Her website, and the October WotM is none other than Mr. Harry Potter. His bio confirms what She said in an interview after the publication of DH---that H had joined the "reshuffled" Auror Department under Minister Shacklebolt, and had risen to head of the department by 2007.

A small observation---as on the UK Children's cover of DH, Harry's scar is offset from the center of his forehead.....that was a change made for the movies---the books have always had the scar in the center....

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yeah, interesting on how they have accepted the movie version of the scar. I gues that the public image from the films have influenced so many, that they have forgotten how the book described the shape and location of the scar. I guess it realy isn't important to the plot line itself. But still . . .
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