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I think . . . as long as you keep the phrase - "Based upon Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in your head. Maybe that will help you get over the butchering of the book. I can't help but wonder sometimes, what Rowling thinks when she sees the screen script. "were did that come from? I don't remember writing that!" or "Why didn't they put____in? I thought that was a really nice bit." or "That would go nicely . . . wish I'd thought of that"

Like I said, if you want to see a film that is absolutely true to the book see Stephen King's "The Langoliers" (available on vhs and DVD) Read it first then watch it. Otherwise . . . with any book adapted to film, keep the above phrase in mind!

Now . . . shall we start wondering what will be left out of HBP the film?


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While I do agree that Harry handing over the prophesy makes NO sense, I must point out that in the book DD had to put an anti-apparition spell on the DEs in the Death room because that's where the Aurors would find them to arrest them.

And, for the record, Chris Columbus changed plenty of things. The biggest glaring one is when HERMIONE asks (rather than Seamus, who was sitting right next to her) "Nearly headless. How can you be nearly headless?" THAT irritated me and still does. She also is the one who fixes Harry's glasses --in Chamber -- (rather than Arthur, who could have done legally -- Hermione NEVER would have broken a school rule to fix glasses).

You bring a very true point in your first paragraph. And my point to that is, if in the movie DD wasnt shown to put in any anti apparition spell, then Lucious had nothing to wait for, once he got the prophecy. But some how the movie makers thought that it would be better idea to hold him back for a little duel with Sirius. :rolleyes:

As for your second paragraph, Chris changed things which made things better. Hermione and Ron were to be introduced more importantly in that first movie, so maximum exposure was a good thing for them. Stealing a line from Seamus and giving it to Hermione is a very minute thing (for me anyways).
If you are irritated by such a small change, OotP should have practically pissed you off. And I am surprised that it hasnt. (which is a good thing by all means) I am glad you enjoyed the movie. :D

In my first post I probably vented my fresh furstration a little too harsh for some. But now I think back after some time, I am absolutely pissed off. I am just down right mad, that these people are ruining the series.

Let me tell you how I think so.
I took a couple of friends and my wife the this movie who only saw movies and never read books. They enjoyed movies until 4, and were thinking about reading too, since series are ending. (which would have meant, more HP chat for me, and sharing the knowledge and all that jazz with my dear wife and close friends). Well, this movie just got them so confused, they are going to just avoid the hassle. They were completely clueless when walked out and decided that the movie was just an another hocus pocus two hour entertainment. In their fine words the series is just turning into a "ABRA KA DABRA" sort of thing. How shall I now change their minds? how shall I explain to them that they will miss out on these masterpieces? Movies are more like representator of the books. But with this movie, it has officially turned into a fiasco. Maybe I can change the mind of my wife someday, but those friends are no more HP fans. Some of them may not even come back for movie 6.
You see, we all here are fine HP fans. We all know that movies can not be mirrored to books. Some changes and / or avoids are going to be there. But I think that movie 3 and 4 have set the bars so down for most of us, that we are just taking it easy on movie 5. Well, I am not. It takes centuries to come accross genius books like these. And by setting the bar so low on these movies, WB has insulted the books and fanbase. I am just a sad fan now, and 21st cant come sooner....... :(
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OK - so I have seen the film twice now - once Wednesday in IMAX and Saturday in normal theater.

I am going to be unpopular here, but I really liked the film :eek:
Sure, it had 3/4 of the stuff pulled out and sure, it hacked it up like other book to film adaptations - but the difference between this one and 3 & 4 - it still made for a great film!
I cant explain it but it worked, I know it shouldn't have considering what was missing, what had been changed etc but I really did like the film.
When I saw it in IMAX, I thought the 3D portion was a little weak - but it was fantastic to watch it in such clarity with great sound and great screen size. When I watched it yesterday - the non 3d version of the end worked better for me, it was just too busy in 3d.
I wont argue with all the points made above, they were awful mistakes to make in the film but the film, it stands up on it's own and I really did feel we were heading back to the good days of film 1&2!
While we concentrate on what wasnt in there - also consider what was ... because I think that is important ... maybe the delivery was different to the books but the messages were made.
In was Luna and her mum, Neville and his parents, Kreacher and the tapestry, the constant mentions of Harry being like Voldemort but with a distinct difference (in essence divided), Ginny jealous looks and excellent magical skills (this was more of an addition than the books) ... some of the really important things needed going forward.
Out was Regulus - a very distinct outage - plus 3/4 of the books real content.
Overall - the film worked for me - but then I had the 3/4 of the plot in my head so it flowed with no continuity issues ... however, the real test comes next week when my Dad goes and I wont be there to fill in the gaps - then I will know better how it is to a film only fan of Potter!

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i need to watch it again.
i loovvveeeddd luna, she was perfect and so was bellatrix.

the rest, hermione annoyed me for some reason

like i said, i need to watch it again


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Well I’ve just spent a very enjoyable hour reading through this thread at work Found myself nodding in agreement a lot, time to get some of my first impressions down…..

Hated the first 10 minutes – too rushed, too many changes from the book. Wand in front of Dudley’s friends, Dudley taunting Harry, Dursleys’ portrayal (terrible direction in those scenes IMO), Mrs Figg (Not how I’d interpreted her, on that portrayal I’d have to change my mind on her being DD sister), Grimmauld Place (As mentioned by others, where was the shrieking portrait? Would have loved that. Where was the locket? Doxys? Didn’t get the right bad ‘feel’ from the place).

Once they got to Hogwarts, I got into it more. Loved the Thestrals. Really enjoyed the DA meetings despite Neville’s dodgy discovery of the room, the way the members defence work improved came over well. Loved Fred and George’s exit but why did film do it during OWLs? Another change from the book for no reason. Gutted no swamp and that was my 10 year old son’s big gripe too!! Liked Grawp scenes which I wasn’t expecting to.

But, then the grand finale. I was so disappointed. Here was the opportunity to do something great but the fight scenes were full of holes that others have already mentioned. I wasn’t expecting to see all the rooms in MoM though would have loved to – the circular room with all the doors and not knowing which way to go would have been great. But the confrontation between DD and Voldemort was a let down in my opinion. I’ve always had a problem with Gambon’s portrayal but I thought he looked frightened of Voldemort at times during their fight. This is not how I read it – it should have been the other way round. Voldemort seemed to be the one in control and DD on defensive. This was unforgiveable.

And I’m trying not to repeat what’s already been said but I’ve sat on this for 4 days now since I watched the film and thoughts are bursting out - the veil and Sirius. Aargh!! Why did the film have Bellatrix using Avada Kedavra? Part of the heartbreak for me in the book was Sirius fell through the veil, it was avoidable not like AK, the brilliant taunting between him and Bellatrix, the way they were matched and hated each other for who the other represented but being part of the same family. None of this came across….. Oh, I was gutted with the handling of that scene.

Right must stop going on!! Let’s summarise:

Loved – Portrayal of Luna (Spot on and definitely think her mother will play a part in DH), Kreacher (Not enough of him, but image fitted the bill), DD escape from office with Fawkes, DA Meetings.

Disliked – MoM final scenes, Opening 10 Mins, Grimmauld place, Hermione at beginning of film – she seemed very wooden but did at least improve.

On final note, why could we not see more of Snape? The most intriguing character but hardly there in this film. Why no pensieve?

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also and i know other people have said it.
what really ( i know it sounds sad ) but upset me was sirus's death. i have accepted the fact that dumbledore is dead, honestly im fine with it, had to happen.
but i have never accepted sirus's death, nothing actually killed him he just....went in to something and hasnt got out yet.
i genuinally belived sirus was not dead.

and now :(:(:( he was actually killed in the film, all my hope for him has gone. bellatrix used the ak. he died then fell in to the veil. (which buy the way looked nothing like the tattered veil i had in my head)

so he must be really gone or jk would have said use a differnet curse.

gutted :(

for me this one scene ruined the film
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You know...I'm sick of hearing how bad the potter movies are. Most of the whiners go to cinema/ theatre...watch the film, complain about it, and then go back to watch it again.
I can appreciate that the fans want to see the books done justice, as do I, ( L.O.T.R. being a good comparison ) but none of us could probably do any better.

The time, expense, and effort put in by cast, crew, and behind-the-scene technicians, should give you a good idea how much they like Harry potter.

I liked the film, even though it wasnt " canon ", ( big deal ) I thought it was the best one yet. Some mistakes were made, the dursley's were just wrong, including Dudder's....however to fit even most of the canon in, would have taken 3 hours+, and would have been a mess. More dialouge between Harry and Ron, W.B. are focusing too much on Hermione+Harry. I really feel sorry for Rupert grint, he doesn't even look like he enjoy's it anymore.

I think as Potter fans we should stop comparing the books to the films, the movies will never be equal ( how could they? ), and it's disheartning to all the people involved in the films.

So, lets celebrate a great " film ", not whine about a " canon representation made into a film ".

In short a bit of maturity and common sense please people.....:rolleyes:

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i was not overly thrilled with the film, admitdly, i will watch it again, as with GOf i was so upset the veela wasnt included in the world cup i couldnt see past that and hated it-after watching it again, however, i was over it. and thouragky enjoyed it.

the only thing thats seems different this time is ' all my non harry potter book reading but harry potter film watching friends' all liked the first four films, this one, they didnt understand, found boring and didnt see the point!

whys this do we think


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In short a bit of maturity and common sense please people.....:rolleyes:

You spend the whole paragraph describing how the movie sucked in various parts and missed ton of stuff, and then ask us to be more mature?
I am not sure who is missing the common sense.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like you have yours, I have mine. If I want to say the movie was bad, then the movie was bad.
You may like the movie above all, and so be it. I cant change it for you, in fact I dont want to........ :rolleyes:

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No, I was just highlighting some of the bad points, not saying the " whole " movie sucked.
And 1 persons opinion doesn't neccesarily make it so... just thinking maybe we should be grateful the films even exist, and that we can all watch it, imagine if the books were released 20 years ago, the films would be lame.

And... I was asking people to be fair when it comes to comparing the two very different types of medium, it's unfair to say the movie wasn't canon this and canon that, how the hell would you expect anyone to be able to fit it all in??? ( dont think even dumbledore could do it ). The fact that some mistake's were made is irrelevant, the people involved in the process of making the film have more important things to worry about than making sure the right spells are used ( Lunas levicorpus ) or whther the veil looks how people wanted it to.

For those who say " 3 or 4 hour films would be better " get real. And get a life.

Least it was better than G.o.F.
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Personally, I didn't like the movie very much.

First, why is Harry's Patronus .. formless? It's not a stag!

Second, what happened to Mundungus? I wonder how they're going to deal with that when the movie DH comes out (for the locket part)

Third... I was looking forward to seeing Mrs. Black's portrait.. but not there. No cleaning out rooms at Grimmauld's place, either.

Fourth... what was the whole Voldemort-at-King's-Cross about??

Fifth.. no prefects.. kinda sucks, since I was hoping Harry would feel like Dumbledore didn't trust him.


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My opinion

I hated and loved the movie at the same time. They just skimmed the surface of exciting parts and slowed way down when they were alone talking. And the final fight was rediculous. Where was the purple shield and the gong sound and the magical bretheren. GAMBON is NOT Dumbledore! I wish Richard Harris was with us. Finally, the three have great chemistry as actors and will always be the characters in my mind. But they suck at acting. Plain and simple. They may have looked the part at 11 but now there's more to it I don't think they have. I'm also jealous at their $50 million five years younger than me.:mad:

Good point above.
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For those who say " 3 or 4 hour films would be better " get real. And get a life.

Least it was better than G.o.F.

You should really tone down the furstration.
We all who say the movie sucked, have a good life, and plan to keep it that way.
How real we are, or at least I am, is totally irrelevant.
It is all about opinions. Everyone is entitled to it.
Have you heard of the Lord of the Rings?????
The books were written more than 20 years ago, for your information.
The movies WERE 3+ hours, for your information.
And they were a huge hit.
If you dont want to see 3 hours + movie, it is totally fine with me.


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Whatever, the fact remains, those who want an exact canon replica, are deluded, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So, get over it. Also it's " Frustration " not " Furstration " honestly, if you want to slang it with me, at least spell your words properly.:D

Oh..and...that whole L.O.T.R. thing... that's exactly what I meant. So the books WERE written 20 odd years ago, and it has taken modern technology UNTIL NOW to be able to make a satisfactory film out of the material, So, thanks, for seeing it like me.
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Oh... Mr. so smart is now picking on typos.... huh?
Took you long enough to read it.....

Why are you getting so itchy? Dont you get the idea....
You dont have to like my opinion.
But that doesnt mean I will change it. I didnt like to movie, and I presented the idea of not liking it. You are the one who is jumping up and down. Calm down and have a beer on me. No need to raise the blood pressure.