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Time Turners
Thanks Boing!

I was trying to contemplate what would have happened if the 'wisp' was sent to be a universal message. Kind of like a multiple recipeint email! What if its purpose would have been to call all the members who were near. Why would Dumbledore have it stop at Hagrid? I was picturing it reaching Hagrid first and then carrying on to Snape, Moody and Magonical. Well snape was present already, but the interesting thing is that Magonical never shows! In other times of need she, Snape and Moody were all present! I pictured the message proceeding from Hagrid to Moody and never reaching Magonical since it was either intercepted by the fake moody or it could not deliver properly to the real moody (either it could not get to him in the trunk or it could not obtain a proper acknowledgement from the unreponsive real Moody)! If the message were intended to travel in that fashion, perhaps the fact that Magonical never received the message might have lead Dumbledore to start suspecting something not conforming of moody?

Or... Now that Boing has filled me in on the timing of the fake Moody's entrance, why would Dumbledore have asked Hagrid to fetch Moody. Would the 'wisp' not be quicker? If the wisp were not like a multiple recipeint email than why would Dumbledore not have simply sent two? One for Hagrid, One for Moody? Had Dumbledore began to suspect Moody's character already by this point in the book?