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when harry goes into the pensieve and watched karkaroffs trial, i noticed karkaroff is very adament that snape is a death eater and still evil. 'snape remains faithful to the dark lord' he shouts. so my question is, was karkaroff just trying to save his own neck or did he really have evidence snape was bad?


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Karkaroff knew Snape was a death eater because, Snape was a Death Eater at one point!
We know that from the plot and story - so Igor pointing the finger was no secret, what the notable point from that sequence is - the fact Dumbledore 'spoke' for Snape to save him from Azkaban ...

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YOu know . . . I think the question of Snape's allegience is probably a bigger question in my mind than whether Harry will live or die! What will kill me is if JKR skirts it and still leaves it up to our imaginations!