Percy Ignatius Weasley


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OoTP The Hearing said:
'Interrogators: Cornelius Oswald Fudge, Minister of Magic; Amelia Susan Bones, Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement; Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretery to the Minister. Court Scribe, Percy Ignatius Weasley - '
The middle name interested me because it is 'different' I suppose :D

I found a site here that talks about St Ignatius - but sadly I am not able to understand it because it seems to be written in Bible wording :eek:

I wonder if someon who is more 'bible minded' can take a look and see if there is anything we can gleam from Percy's middle name?

Thanks and sorry :eek:


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OK, I didn't get that either, but I looked up St. Ignatius to see what I could find about him. Here us the info that I found:

-He was the youngest of 13 children

- Age 16 was sent to live as a page to Jean Velazquez, where he became addicted to gambling, was very contentious, and and engaged in swordplay.

-Joined the Army when he was 26

- Age 30 While defending the Fortress of Pamplona, the Spaniards were terribly outnumbered and the commander of the Spanish forces wanted to surrender, but Ignatius convinced him to fight on for the honor of Spain, if not for victory. During the battle a cannon ball hit Ignatius, wounding him badly. Because they admired his courage, the French soldiers carried him back to the castle of Loyola, rather than to prison. During his bedrest began to read the Bible, and once he was healed he followed the path of God.

- Age 43 Helped found the Society of Jesus

- Was a mentor to Francis Xavier

I am not sure if any of this relates to Percy, but it was all I could find...


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Well - I like the age 30 part ....

It looks like he was stubborn, not unlike someone we know - looked like he was opinionated and also focused on what he felt was right - prepared to fight to the end for his beliefs ....
Only when he is injured does he then get taken back to his foe and becomes a good person ....

Perhaps it is a clue to Percy after all :D


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I guess in Percy's case, perhaps his family will become the "foe"? He is not on speaking terms with them and it would seem that if he were wounded by DEs, he certainly wouldn't be alive, let alone carried back to their secret meetings and turned back to the good side. I have a feeling that if this gives us insight into him, it will be that he does not see what was wrong with Fudge's actions, he will continue to support the non-believers and then realize he was wrong when perhaps one of his family rescues him from a perilous situation.


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Yah, that was what I was kind of eluding to there ...
I think he seems to be on the path to the Death Eaters and his quest which he thinks is righteous is that of the one that doesn't mean he has to loose face.
And yeah agreed, the foe in this case will be all those who stand against what he felt was right and subsequently proved wrong ...
I see his getting a fatal injury and perhaps Harry will carry Percy back to the Weasley's after yet another encounter with the Voldemort and the Death Eaters ... where he might finally apologise for being an insufferable idiot before his death ...


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I found this information on the "Ignatian" way -
"Ignatian spirituality is incarnational; it views the world as a place where Christ walked, talked and embraced people. It views the world, therefore, as a place of grace, a place of being able to give life to others. We are called to find and to pursue how God wants other men and women to be forgiven, to be free, to utilize all their talents and opportunities in ways which build up this world as a place where faith, justice, peace, and love can flourish.

At the same time, Ignatian spirituality is realistic. The world Christ faced was also a world of cruelty, injustice and the abuse of power and authority. Consequently, Ignatian spirituality affirms our human potential but also is dedicated to the ongoing, day-in-day-out struggle between good and evil. The Jesuit norm is: to find where God will best be served and where people will best be helped."

Interesting that it mentions that Ignatian spirituality is dedicated to the ongoing, day-in-day-out struggle between good and evil.

From what we have seen of Percy, he is not really following that unless we look at his internal thoughts. Perhaps he is struggling to realize where he belongs and what is good or evil. Perhaps it eludes to the idea that he could be a spy and go between the two camps.


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I see a great deal of Fudge in Percy - and I think that isnt a mistake in the writing ...
I am sure given the way he crawled around him it made him somewhat a target of admiration and as such he see's a role model ...
Many questions have been raised about Fudges motivations - and I am sure that Percy could be well placed to carry on the misguided path ...

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A quick internet search confirms that there are in fact two saints called Ignatius; St. Ignatius of Antioch, from biblical times (born 50AD) and St. Ignatius Loyola (born 1491) of whom it was said
consumed with the desire of winning glory
Does this sound like any Weasley we know? Very obsessed with personal progress and achievement, wouldn't you all agree?