Percy = the modern Tom Riddle????


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Normally I love to place characters in a different or bad light but with Percy I cannot invisage him being the next Tom Riddle. For one I dont think he has the gumption, by that I mean I dont think he has the courage or even the magical knowledge to accomplish half of what Tom Riddle did. Percy has some issues with his family being poor and I think that has effected him to some degree in as much that he feels he needs to stick to the rules so people will not think less of him because he is poor. But I dont think it would effect him enough for him to even begin to imagine the things that Tom Riddle was planning at that age.

I also can't see Percy being a Death Eater as there are little rules there, he enjoys feeling a part of society that is accomplishing things important along with being attracted to those in power.


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One thing I have noticed in the books is that things JKR writes as people saying will never happen, has actually happened. Now forgive me for misplacing my quotes here, but I am sure some of you will have read things like this.

So, going by that, I was quite disturbed when I heard this particular sentence, in GoF... 'Percy would never send any of his family to the Dementors'

Now, I am not saying that this is going to happen, but when the signs are pointing to Percy being so much like Riddle, (yet I believe he is much like Crouch too) and being that he is in limbo between his family and his job... we don't know which way he is going to turn yet.

Here is one!! Ron swears black and blue that he will not become a prefect, when Fred and George accuse him of sounding like Percy.

Ties in nicely, that one does.


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Wide-Mouthed Tree Frog - We've known ever since Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone that Harry was going to be replaced as seeker! At the beginning of the chapter right after Harry catches the snitch in his mouth, Draco is making fun of Harry and saying how a "wide-mouthed tree frog is going to replace Harry as seeker" next. This didn't exactly come true, but in Order, Umbridge (the wide-mouthed tree frog, check all the toad references about her) bans him from the team, essentially replacing him with Ginny! Thanks to Leah for this one

See, there is another of JKR's subtle hints!!


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Percy Weasley

Hey everyone! Im new to this fourm.. I have this threory that Percy might turn out to be a black sheep in the end of the book series- any thoughts?

EDIT:Alz: Hope you dont mind - I tacked this into an existing thread about Percy
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Re: Percy Weasley

Percy showed in HBP that he still see himself as right in the feud with his familiy and did nothing to repair the damage.
I still feel there is a chance that Harry might end up saving Percy in book 7 and thus adding another Weasley that owes Harry their life - and finally getting Percy to swollow his pride and move back into the family.

I still feel he has potential right now to stray badly - into the service of Voldemort even ... just so he can have his pride.
Thus - a link to Voldemort isnt that far fetched ...


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Percy wouldn't willingly join the DE or Voldy. Overall, his actions and attitude toward his family are horrible and disrespectful. In a way that he is ambitious and self centerd, he is very much like TR. He is cruel in the way he treats his family and he demonstrated his callousness by bringing the new Minister to his house only so the Minister could get to Harry. This shows he'll go to any lengths to ingratiate himself to those in power. (Just think about those transparent brown nosers we all have witnessed or worked with in the past. Soo annoying!) But he isn't evil at heart. He just wants to matter and always believe his way is the right way.
Percy thinks in absolutes. There is no middle ground with him. He thinks strictly within the box. No creativity, or imagination. He is the perfect pawn for the MoM, who are in many ways twisted and corrupted. This is why DD never even entertained the idea of becoming Minister.
Percy will continue to be used by the MoM as a way to get to Harry. Percy of course will believe it is because of his work ethic and contributions. The DE will see this and exploit the fact that he is estranged from the very people who can help him and therefore vulnerable. There will be an opportunity and he'll be put under the Imperious Curse, just like his idol and boss Mr. Crouch. It will seem like he wants fogiveness and reconcilliation with his family and this will put the OoTP in jeopardy.
I think once Percy realizes that his actions put his family in danger, he will redeem himself - probably getting himself killed in the process. If a Weasley has to go, then I'm willing to part with Percy...A commemorative plaque will be hung at Hogwarts in his honor, which is what Percy would want - finally being revered and respected.

side note: Percy's name (one that is shared with Dumbledore) means 'Companion of the Holy Grail'. Do you think this is his name just because he is a son of "Arthur", or could there be a deeper meaning?:rolleyes:


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I can't see Percy becoming the modern Tom Riddle. I think he has a lot of pride and doesn't want to be associated with people who do not follow the rules.

Did I miss where Tom Riddle had a girlfriend? Because Percy did which shows that he does love or at least has a certain romantic capacity. He takes responsibility seriously.

However, there is something to be said about someone who will side with people at work over their own family. Does remind me of Barty but even he got his son back and hid him for a long time.

So, although I do not think Percy could be the next TR, I do not doubt that he will do something damaging to his family or Harry in the future.


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I think the main emphasis for this is based on how far Percy will go for his pride.
He has taken so many steps that took him away from his family - and even tried to make out Harry was dangerous.
In order for him to come back into the fold - he will have to eat humble pie ... the question is how far will he go to be right ... and just like Voldemort's power pulled Pettigrew in and made him betray his friends ... will that appeal also work for Percy as he tried to prove he was right?


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I see Percy doing a Peter Pettigrew.
In PoA Peter begged the Potter's to be their secret keeper. He then said he "didn't mean to" tell Voldy where they were but did it anyway. So in his quest to do something important, PP pretty much set the whole HP saga into motion. I can totally see Percy divulging secret information to the wrong people and later regretting it, but being too pig-headed or ashamed to ask for forgiveness. This could be his first steps to the Dark Side.

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This is a great thread. . . how did I miss it before?

WOW, Percy. . .

Pride goeth before a fall.

I believe that has proven itself many times over. And I belive Percy is due his. . . and deservedly.

I can see an undercover DE in the Ministry playing on Percy's ambition, getting Percy to unwittingly play spy. To falsely reunite with his family for the purpose of getting information on Harry.

There are many bits and pieces in this thread that make perfect sense. . . Ron's comments and "jokes" Percy's blind ambition. The unconcern he has already shown towards his family. . .

actually the more I think. . . does anyone else see an Anikan/Darth Vader parallel at work here????? Hopefuly also with the return to good in the end?


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This is an old thread, so forgive me if I'm chiming in on something that has long since been put to rest buy everyone else, and point me in the right direction if there is any other thread where this is discussed----here's the thing----it just occurred to me, and I can't believe I didn't see it sooner----Scabbers was Percy's rat. That absolutely was no accident. Couple that with Ron jokingly comparing Percy to Tom Riddle----Ron is only right when he's joking----the possibilities give me chills....


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Hey you know that is interesting isnt it ... you might be onto something here!
I think Peter said he laid low in their protection for all those years but seems rather lucky Peter ended up with the Weasley's and what is more - his primary carer before Ron was the one Weasley that looks to be walking a 'different' path to his family ... nice catch there MB!


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Sorry my aunt has my book, but when harry goes to his hearing in ootp was percy for him, against him, or just impartial? Also if he wasnt surprised at all that they were sent there because I think that I can remember that some people didnt even believe him that the dementors were there, maybe he knew they were sent there..dont think he did it but maybe he still knew about it. I can definatly see him sending dementors to his parents house because if they are dead then there is no one to be ashamed of anymore, he can be the first and only weasley to "make something" of himself and make the weasleys a prominent family, you know what I mean or did that come out wrong? But I dont see him becoming another tom riddle because when the new MoM wants him to take him to his house so he can see harry he goes, he will obviously do what someone that is more powerful then him tells him to no matter if he wants to or not, he was clearly not liking being there. Thats all for now but if someone could help with the first part I'd be really thankful :)


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Umbridge is the person who admits to sending the dementors to privet drive. I find Percy to be similar to Wormtail in that he follows the orders of whoever is in charge at the moment, not Tom Riddle.


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It has been said many times in the book how ambitious Percy is but I don't think he is evil enough to be the next Tom Riddle. I don't even think it is really the power that he is seeking but exceptance and praise. He is upset and hurt by his family because instead of being proud of him like he thought, they assumed he only got the job so he could spy on them. This making him feel like they didn't think he had it in him to get the job on his own in the first place. Now coming from a family of seven children and not alot of money there tends to be a identity struggle and to prove you are as good or better then the other siblings so you stand out and get some attention. To me he is trying to hard to be perfect and be accepted that he has become a lapdog to who ever shows him praise. I think in the end he does no wright from wrong and will finally get a backbone and stand up for himself and make things wright with his family.


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I don't think it will be Percy that gets drawn in by the dark side unwittingly. I think it will be Ron. If any of the siblings needs to prove something, it's Ron, he doesn't have the natural academic ability of Percy or the natural athletic ability of the other boys. Ron is the one who has shown the most resentment about being poor also. Your friends play a big part in who you become, unfortunately so do your adversaries, and Ron has had Malfoy to contend with. Malfoy never missed an opportunity to rub the financial situation in Rons face.

With Percy I think JKR is just showing us one way that children deal with being raised poor. Become a perfectionist. Make no mistakes, do no let emotion play any part in your decisions. Percy watched his parents bend rules and just eek by financially. He sees not bending rules as the way to gain wealth, and good standing, so he won't break any rules. I do not see him falling prey to any dark force plots, he's too smart and too goal oriented. Percy will help the dark side inadvertently, by refusing to see the writing on the wall. I can see a situation where a member of the family is convicted of committing a crime, and Percy is left to decide the sentence, and it ends up that the love of the family wins out, and he makes the right decision.


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this is exactly what ive been thinking for awhile! you forgot that harry and ron catch percy in a bookstore in diagon alley in COS reading some book called 'prefects who gain power'n also your right about when ron jokes about stuff, remember the 'maybe he killed myrtle' joke?
i think that either percy will side with voldermort or try to become the next dark wizard, along with snape
I've often wondered why Percy, given his hunger for a position of power, wasn't a Slytherin. The fact that he's a Griffindor tells me he will redeem himself is a self-sacrifical, heroic way in book 7.


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In the words of Sirius "The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters,"

I think this is were Percy fits in. He may not be good, but far from a Death Eater, He remains in the Grey area.


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There are many characters within the series that we think that we know but really don't. We are not sure whether Snape is a double agent, a double double agent or just looking after his own interests.? What of Wormtail? Was he weak or put up to a course of action that was essential for the prophecy to come to fruition? Is Madam Pince Snape's mother? And what of Filch, bandaging Snape's leg in PS/SS?
What if Dumbledore wanted an insider in the MoM, who better than Percy? Percy the pompous, Percy the stickler for rules, Percy the proud, Percy the single-minded, Percy the prat maybe but not Percy the murderer.
I think that the death of Dumbledore will bring about a number of character changes, characters who had been guided or protected by Dumbledore.