Possible Locations? ***SPOILERS***


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Weasleyfanforever said:
I really like this idea, I'm not sure why, but I do.

Also, we have all been talking about Voldemort making Horcruxes on his 'big' kills, or whatever. Could there be a horcrux at Godric's Hollow? The house is in ruins, and as far as we know, no one went back to sift through the ruins because they wouldn't have known there was anything to look for. Just a thought...

Personally, I think that making horcruxes on major "trophy' kills would be stupid. They would be so much easier to find, because everyone one knows about them. Why not make a horcrux out of something of Frank Bryce's, or Bertha Jorkins? Sure Harry knows about Frank Bryce being killed, and after a long time, it was figured out that Voldemort killed Bertha as well, but they are a lot less well known than the Potters, or the Prewetts, McKinnons, and Bones...
I think in the case of the Prewetts, McKinnons, and Bones it would be a question of loosing the clues in quantity - as in Voldemort and his DE's seem to like killing members of those familes ...
On the outside it would appear just to be a vendetta - but inside he might just be protecting a horcrux by keeping family members away from the location ..
Just a thought and all :p


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mimbulus mimbletonia said:
Looking at the "trophy" angle again - who else has Voldemort killed that would mean enough to him to use something of theirs as a horcrux?

His father & grandparents?
James & Lily?

It would have to be a significant death, are there any others?

some that come to mind:

1. He was in control of the basalisk when it killed Moaning Myrtle. Methinks that was the diary, tho.
2. Father/grandparents (ring)
3. RAB?
4. (let's face it - he's killed LOTS of people!)
6. Muggle in book 4 - (Nagini)

does Hepzipah count as a murder (Hufflepuff cup)?

I am *sure* Valdemort does not lack for murders.


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I think you are right - he has killed that many people that working out who were the 'trophy' kills would be pretty hard ...
I suppose that is what I was saying in my last post - I think you need to look at things in the past that are most notably mentioned about Voldemort and the places and people there at the time - because you will most likely see the victims used to seal the horcuxes and also the possible locations.
It could be that when Voldemort killed Hepzipah that he used the death to seal the Necklace or the Hufflepuff cup ...


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i thought about miss smith too, she was a relative o huffelpuff right so that would make her death even more significant. also dd says that hokey 'remembers' putting something instead of cocoa in her drink but morfin remembrs killing the riddles so i think lv killed her and ade the cup a horcrux with her death. i think that would fit nicely. a nother thought...is the grave-yard mentioned by jkr in an interview (gof movie extra) where dd is now buried or is there somewhere where the founders are buried...i think thats where you may find a horcrux. also zackarias smith is in huffelpuff isnt he? is there a relavance?