Ron to die

Ron to die by end of Septology

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Prediction: Ron will die by the end of the Septology
It is my belief and prediction that Ron will somehow be dead by the end of book 7.

Evidence or Support
More people are going to die in the next two Potter books; I think that Ron would be a good candidate because this will further lead Harry to need to seek revenge against Voldemort.

During the Christmas dinner during PoA, there were 13 at the table. Trelawney stated that when 13 dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die; Harry and Ron get up at the same time. (We saw during the summer at the beginning of OotP, at one point there were 13 eating dinner at Grimmauld Place. Sirius was the first to leave the table.)

Ron has an uncanny way of correctly predicting events. "And from now on, I don't care if my tea leaves spell die, Ron, die -- I'm just chucking them in the bin where they belong." I think that this emphasis on 'die, Ron, die' is too much to be overlooked.


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I think there is string evidence to support this and I have to go with a full yes :(

I think it would be easier to kill Ron off than Hermione - I'm not sure I just think it would be.
It would effect Harry and Hermione in so many diverse ways that it would make for a really powerful part to the books and take the emotions to a high level.
Harry would loose a best friend - someone else he was really close to and that will be devastating.
Hermione will loose someone she like on both levels - as a friend and also emotionally.
The effect of Ron dying on both characters is that makes him the strongest possibility.


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I know there are signs...but I am refusing to believe. I guess you can say I'm in denial. But I am hoping against all hopes that he doesn't :(


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Although I have doubts about my answer because of Ron's closeness to Harry and the fact that trouble seems to happen to them both and that puts them both in danger. I am a big believer of happy endings and I hope that JKR will give Harry a happy ending where he will joing Ron and his family at the Burrow or Ron and Harry will become flatmates after leaving Hogwarts.


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No, definitely not!


Ron is a major character and despite the fact that many adults now read Harry Potter, the septology is still basically a children's series of books and I do not think that JKR would be as wicked as to get kids involved in becoming emotionally involved in characters such as Harry, Ron and Hermione, only to try and bump one or all of them off at the end of the series! I know she has said that she is only going to write seven books and there won't be any more, but this does not necessarily mean that she has to kill off the characters at the end!!


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I think that there is a lot of foreshadowing that Ron will die, such as the chess scene. I also think that from what JKR has said about what is to come for Harry, that he will have more people really close to him bite the dust, and I think Ron would make a good character to die in order to further the plot. Harry thinks of Ron almost like a brother, and if he were killed, it would drive Harry further to kill Voldemort. Also, it could cause tension and possibly a divide between him and the Weasleys, so it could also drive the plot.


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Okay, I voted Yes.

I think either Ron or Harry will die and more likely Ron. JKR has said that she is writing children's book so she "must be a ruthless killer." Ron is in such a position to be friends with Hermione and Harry and has shown that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends/for the greater good. I think he will make a sacrifice for Harry and Hermione again and it won't turn out like it did in PS/SS where he just gets knocked out - he will be gone.


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I think Tink is correct. JKR would not kill of one of the trio in front of her innocent audience of children - that would be too harsh. Sirius was one thing, but he wasn't a child. She already killed off Cedric, which I think was mainly to prove a point that Volemort was ruthless enough to do something like that to a young person, but I don't think she'll do in one of the main characters.

I don't want to contradict myself as I know saying this will, but my mind goes back to the incident in Grimmauld Place when Mrs. Weasley faced the boggart and Ron's dead body was on the floor. Nuff said!


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Voted: NO!!!!! :eek:

I think JKR said one of her interviews that she had to kill somebody in the books, and since she is getting so much fan letters askign her not to "kill" Ron, since he's Harry's best mate and Harry went through so much already--that she probably wouldn't.


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She has said that the plot of her books and what is going to happen hasn't changed since the beginning. She said there are minor detours here and there, but that the main plot and what happens is still exactly the same. So I think if she knew in the beginning that Ron would die, she is still going to do it.


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First of all, I refuse to even "say" he will because I wouldn't get over it. Ron is my absolute fave character and it would devestate me.

But, with that said, I get the "hints" everyone else has mentioned. But, I had a talk with a friend last week and have an alternative theory that may actually still allow for the PS/SS chess hint (though not the tea leaves one). I won't spoil it here, because I'm still going to do some research and then put out a full theory later, but the gist is that Ron does Harry a favor.


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No, I dont think Ron will die.

After all the battles, Harry sits and discusses them at length with Ron and Hermione and that would just be wrong with out Wonwon :p

Oh- and how will Ron and Hermione get married if he is dead? :rolleyes:

Lame, i know:p