Severus Snape, is it an anagram ?


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There is a thread of this nature on
JKR has hinted at the fact that "Severus Snape" may be an anagram for something. This is the place for brainstorming what the anagram could be.
Warning : JKR tends to like to use Latin.

A few that I have come up with :
Severus - Latin, strict
Venus - Latin, goddess of Love, could represent love
Verus - Latin, true, truth

Venus (luve) saves
save Evans
saves seven

What can you come up with using the Potions Master name ?


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as per us seven
a pen saves us

Wrong forum for the question, but in view of the last anagram,
If the pen is mightier than the sword, is Rowena Ravenclaw's token a pen? Quill?


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As SM pointed out to me yesterday "Perseus Evans" also qualifies here. Perseus killed Medusa, the mortal Gorgon with the snake like hairdo, by beheading her. This may relate to SnarkologyMajor's references to necklace and nearly headless etc, posted on another thread. Perseus also used winged sandals, an invisibility cap, a sickle and and a mirrored shield in his killing of Medusa. Not too much imagination needed to translate these into broomstick, invisibility cloak, wand and the mirror of erised. As perseus was leaving he carried the head and the blood landed on the shore and pegasus (the winged horse) was born. so, there may also be a reference with thestrals and abraxans (a breed of winged horses that drew the Beauxbaton's carrage)
Thanks to Lovegood54 for the final addition to this.


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These are some really good thoughts. I, too came up with Perseus Evans. There is also mention about a Mark Evans in the series. But, Joanna seems to think that he is just a nobody and has said as much. But, maybe there is more than that. There is a thread on Chamber of Secrets about Severus Snape and Lily Evans being related.
Joanna has a thing for mythology. It has prevailed all throughout the septology. Perhaps the anagram could be Perseus Evans. And Severus' neck is always on the line. After all he does serve two very different masters.