Site Update - 2020


Staff member
Hello there
Wow, seems like a long, long time when I last posted here ... in fact it has been a long long long time o_O
So, I just wanted to share some details about the new look/format of the site.
As we all know, time waits for no-one and as the years have moved on, so have the underlying technology that powers these types of sites.
I reached a fork in the road - either take it all down or spend some time upgrading ... because status quo was no longer possible.
So, I had to upgrade the server the site runs on, which meant new operating system, which meant new versions of the web application code that powered the forum site - sadly the newer versions were incompatible with previous forum software, so I had to migrate the forum.
I have been playing with this new forum software on/off for a few years now and really wanted to move the site over to it as I feel its overall functionality places it ahead of competition.
So I bit the bullet and decided to migrate forum software as part of the updates - and as you can see, it was successful!
While I do not have a fancy 'skin' on the site like the previous version, what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up with features. I'm sorry I am not able to bring over the look but I did preserve the content (y)
So there you have it - now I am back to running on an up-to-date server/web applications and forum software that are all capable of being updated for security and bugs - ohhh and I can actually be compliant now to privacy regulations which are being globally adopted.

So with that said, thank you very much for continuing to visit the site, I hope you enjoy the new software and I hope you are all continuing to be happy, safe and still loving the Harry Potter universe.
Take care and be safe