Slytherin's Locket


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it is still a viable theory that the locket contained the horcrux as a seperate entity.
it was most likely not possible for whomever stole the original locket to open it, and, i guess, swap the horcrux with the note, so replacing it completely was the only option.

Mc Gonagall

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I think the locket is at Grimmauld Place and that Kreacher has it. It's the last place I think Harry would look since he really doesn't want to go back there and probably doesn't remember seeing a locket there with everything that was going on. If Ginny ends up going with him to look for the remaining Horcruxes she might remember seeing the locket.

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The problem with that though is that Harry is going to push Ginny away right now because he doesn't want her to get hurt...

My guess though is when she finds out that Ron and Hermione are going with Harry, that she will insist too. If Harry isn't careful, he's going to have the whole DA with him when he goes horcrux hunting...

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I doubt Harry would want that many people with him, its hardly inconspicuos is it?. Your right though, theres no way hes going to take Ginny with him, shes too valuble to Harry for him to risk it. I can see him possibly informing her on certain things but not the Horcruxes, dumbledore wouldnt have agreed, its too risky.
I reckon Hermione will have a brainwave or, dont laugh, Sirius will make a spectacular comeback and meet Harry at grimmauld place, Harry will remember or visit Kreachers den and see it.


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Sirius wont come back.. harry is already Kreachers master. unless Kreacher was ordered to obey harry then maybe Regulus or Sirius might be still alive..

i don't think Ginny will step down from helping Harry. remember back in OoTP?? Ginny, Neville and Luna wouldn't let Harry, Ron and Hermione go to the ministry of magic by themselves..
that was still a dangerous job and showed that they can manage just as well as the rest of them.

i believe Ginny, Neville and Luna will help out with the hunt for the Horcruxes :D

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Good point, I agree with you. Ginny and Neville probably will help, now ive read that. It makes sense and is in keeping with character and logical too.

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This happens to be the oldest thread on my "List of Subscribed Threads". I just want to leave this message to show that I visited The Final Horcrux today ;-)
Now that the days of speculation are over (for good), reading the old posts brings me a whiff of nostalgia from my computer screen ...
Kind regards to all my old fellow speculators :)

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thanks Sir Cad . . . is a bit lonely around here lately. suppose we'll begin fussing about how inept the film is before too long. But, the DVD of OotP is due out in about a week! maybe that will bring a few back to catch up!