Snape and Lily Linked

Lily and Snape friends?

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Prediction: Snape and Lily will have a childhood friendship link
I it my belief and prediction that Snape and Lily shared a friendship that went bad once James came on the scene. At the very least while younger they were friends.

Evidence or Support
It is becoming clearer and clearer that Snape turned to the good side once he found out the plan of Voldemort to kill the baby that fulfilled the prophecy.
I think once Snape found out it was the Potter's his friendship of Lily was what made him swap. He still hated James and didnt mind him being killed but didnt want that for Lily.


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I think they might have been friends, but more near the end of their school days together, after the Snape's memory we saw in the Pensieve. I don't believe that memory was altered and Snape wouldn't have said what he said to Lily had they been friends in any way.

We know that both of them were good at Potions class and if my thoughts of Dumbledore and Snape's relationship while Snape was still at Hogwarts is correct, then I'm sure that Dumbledore was in some way close to Lily as well, thus the constant remarks throughout the series of how Dumbledore was friend to muggles and such. He seemed drawn to those students who had a muggle background as did both Snape and Lily. It's possible that after the Pensieve memory, they became friends, but I would think due to my thoughts on Dumbledore and Snape's relationship and Snape's work as spy, probably while still a student, that any friendship between Snape and Lily would have been a secret one to everyone but Dumbledore.