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I have seen many references to the theory about Snape and Petunia, I tried to search for a thread just for this subject, sorry if there is already one, but perhaps a new one is in order now that we have more information, care of HBP and JKR.

I'm starting to think that Snape and Petunia hold the key to many unanswered questions, It seems that the two most unlikely people to be a couple may just turn out to be the most obvious. Many great points have been made to support this, such as: Their hate for James, Lily, and Harry. Petunia's knowledge of the wizarding world, Dementors, Lord Voldemort. what appears to be a womans writing in snapes book, Snape maybe being the one to beg Voldemort to spare Lily, for fear that this would hurt Petunia. Was it mutual, or Snape loved Petunia or Petunia loved Snape. and how will this relationship should it turn out to be a cornerstone effect book 7.

Okay Here is my soap opera version of what may have happened

Lily introduces Petunia to Snape, they fall in love. Petunia finds out that Snape is one of Voldemorts Deatheaters and wants nothing to do with him devastated and hurt she vows to have nothing to do with him or the wizarding
world. Snape heres the prophecy and realizes what Voldemort is going to do, turns to Dumbledore to change his wicked ways, out of fear Petunia may be hurt. Dumbledore suspecting what is to come makes Snape vow to protect Lily and Harry and he will protect Petunia. Petunia not knowing that Snape is trying to change turns to Vernon. When Snape tells her he has changed she tells him its to late she is pregnant with Vernons baby! Snape returns to his muggle home on Spinner's End alone and bitter.
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I think we have another thread that talks about Petunia and Snape being linked ...
I think the main reasons against it would be his views on non-magic folk ... remember he called Lily a mudblood.
He walked the DE path so would suggest he shared their values and ideal's - as such him dating a muggle would just not fit into his profile at the time ...
Of course, it could be he loved and lost that set him further down the path of hating ..


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WOW - interesting concept here. I like it.

W know that Snape is a "Mud-Blood" himself - his mother being a witch named Eileen Prince and his father being the Muggle giving the Snape Surname to Severus.

We don't know JACK about Lilly and Petunia's parents other than Lilly's last name (pre-marriage) was Evans...the two are supposed to be sisters but couldn't have been more different from one another. Rather un-sisterish for the most part.

Then there are the similarities in Snape's and Petunia's physical features. They are both often described as tall, thin, and gangly...

Petunia with a long neck and a horsey face...Snape with a sallow face and long hooked nose with "greasy black hair".

Why the mutual hatred for James (and subsequently Harry) then? Snape obviously hodls a grudge against Harry for the torment he suffered at the hands of James. Petunia really has no valid reason for her disliking of Harry though other than perhaps her jealousy that Harry has the magical powers and not her precious "Dudders".

Snape is an extremely gifted wizard, no doubt...I can't see him being jealous over James abilities (no matter how formidable they may have been), or over his quiddich skills...snape has never shown an interest in quiddich by any account. I think Snape hated James because of Lilly and because James and Sirius (the cool & popular kids at school) often targeted him for bullying.

Snape may show a disdain for "mud-bloods" but remember, he IS one himself. As was voldemort, Lilly Evans, Hermione - SOME VERY TALENTED witchards.

Is there any chance that Snape and Petunia are somehow related? Half brother/sister or step siblings? Not sure without knowing more about Snapes dad and Petunia's parents but I'm going to watch this theory close. I think you might be on to something.


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Many a young man has tried to interest a girl by being nice to her sister....;)
Snape would also certainly qualify as "that awful boy."

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Wow this is juicy! I had thought previously about Snape and Lily having possibilities, but there is merit in a Snape and Petunia connection. A thought that had occured to me recently was that perhaps either Lily or Petunia may have been adopted . . . and my bet would fall to Petunia . . . her jealousy to how Lily was favored when found to be a witch. If so, half siblings between Petunia and Snape seem possible . . . We know we will find out more about all 3, so a nice little triangle seems to be growning here. I can most certainly see Snape being that "awful boy" My mind is digging for that elusive tangible bit of a clue that ties this together, for it seems quite plausable that there is a real connection. Could Snape and Petunia become involved but then been forced to seperate because they were blood related?

I hope DH comes out quickly or we will have the whole of Hogwarts in soap opera triangles!


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I'm not sure about adopted, because of the Harry is protected by his Mother's blood. And Petunia's taking him in sealed that 'blood' protection.

This next ties in with another thread about Dumbledore and Petunia. What if Petunia were the younger sister. When she turned 11 - no letter. Could she have sent a message to Dumbledore asking where HER letter was? Could their communication have been that far back? Being rejected, jelousy turns to anger.... Would it be within character for Dumbledore to keep Petunia posted on the danger her sister was in, and what was happening within the wizard world, in an effort to mitigate that anger? To say, see YOU are the lucky one?

The memory we see of Snape/James/Lily in "Snape's worst Memory" is obviously when they are older. Could Lily and Snape have been friends when they were 11 year olds? How long have Slytherin and Griffindore shared Potions and other classes?

I went off to boarding school at 13. Over holidays I regularly brought home friends who couldn't go home. If the tidbit from the Pensieve was Snape's happy homelife, I can't see his being to eager to go to his OWN home over holidays. One of Lupin's comments on the bridge in PoA makes it sound like she had a habit of 'picking up the strays' so to speak. She was there for him when no one else was. It may be true of Snape as well.

Now here's the "As the stomache turns" part. :D

Lily is kind to Snape, just because that's how she is.
She takes him home. Snape misunderstands and delvelops a crush on Lily. In trying to win over Lily he is nice to Petunia. Petunia develops a crush on Snape. Petunia does NOT get a letter from Hogwarts, and is then rejected by Snape after Lily tells him 'I only want to be friends.' This fuels both Petunia's anger and Snape's snobbery.