Snape: JKR's Clue?


Time Turners
Is anyone so secure that they have no doubts? I think not.

Given that we suspect some sort of pact between Dumbledore and Snape, couldn't Snape's fear simply reflect that he doubts (a.k.a., FEARS) that he won't have the nerve to pull it off? I agree wholeheartedly with Lovegood54 that Snape has all the skills. But doubt is something totally different.

If Snape's boggart is really Snape, then that would be a dead give away, and perfect reason for JKR to avoid answering the question. A bat patronus sounds just right.


Time Turners
You see . . . that is most certainly true . . . and what totaly scares me . . . what if . . . JKR lets him "wriggle" out of touble again, and we never do find out for certain just what side he truly sides with???????:eek: You see, which ever side wins in the end, he can "wriggle" it to seem as if he was truly on that side from the begining, it will be believable, and none will be the wiser . . . not even us:(

Oh dear we may never know, I hope JKR makes it clear and not ambiguous and vague :(