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Well first off, hello & welcome to The Final Horcrux.
Below is a few extra things to be aware of when you first sign up.

Please read all the threads in this forum, it contains a lot of information about who we are, what we want from you, rules and guidelines and also a great site map.

Perhaps after this a quick visit to the FAQ's section of the site, where we have tried to pre-empt as many questions as possible ... we will add to if needed as we go along!

So, armed with that you should have a good idea about The Final Horcrux.

Just in case a quick run through ...
You should be at least 16 years old
You should have reached a certain level of emotional and intellectual maturity
You are eager to take Potter discussions to a new level
You should be able to discuss, this does not mean 'I agree' or 'I disagree' this means read the thread, have a proper well thought out reply that adds value to a thread and leaves questions for others to pick up on.

We aren't the 'A Typical' Potter Forums but with this difference comes a great reward, you will find the topics both stimulating and exciting and will leave you asking questions you never considered before.

Now some quick basics...

Every new member has a title 'N00b' - in The Final Horcrux terms you are in a 'fast track' process that if or when completed will result in 'Graduation'.
Upon Graduation, you have full access to the site, the public groups, the PM systems, Profiles in fact everything.
Promotion is automatic and you will know when you have been promoted.
The criteria for promotion remains 'secret' to the Unspeakables, this is to ensure people don't just try to 'Graduate' - this is an evaluation time for both the Site Staff and of course yourself.
During 'Fast Track' you may be contacted by staff in order to guide you into what we are trying to achieve from The Final Horcrux, please take the advice if offered.
If you do not like the site once you are in, please contact a member of staff who will help you remove your account.

Once you become a 'TFH Graduate' the site will be a lot less restrictive and some great features await, including a fantastic way of customising your The Final Horcrux experience using the Site Groups.

Just so you know, you may choose an avatar after you have made an initial post, you may update parts of your profile, you may join usergroups - although access wont be visible until after you promote.

I think that about covers the initial questions you may have, please feel free to email a member of staff with questions while you are 'fast tracking', after you Graduate please use the Personal Message system - but always check the FAQ's!

Me and the staff are genuinely excited to have you all here and really hope you enjoy what should be a 'unique' Harry Potter experience.

All the best
The Final Horcrux Staff
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Hiya! I wasn't sure where to post this, so I closed my eyes and wiggled the mouse and ended up here (well, maybe a bit more thought than that...:D)
Just a little question- There are a few places I cant start a new thread. One is in the social chatter section and also in this bit...
"Why, I am growing quite sentimental ... But look, Harry! My true family returns ..." - any reason for that? It says something not having permission to post there..

I wanted to start 2 new social threads- one asking which is the members favorite book in the series and why (with a poll) also, which is everyones favorite storyline in any of the books. I'd be interested to see how many people like which parts and for what reasons, see what we have in common :D Sorry to be a bother!


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Hi kazza

OK - the forum first - it is thought by me that the people who post in this forum are new members - ergo only they have the rights to make a post - TFH Grads etc can reply to posts - but it is thought by the time you make Grad you will already have said a welcome if you were going to :p

Social forums - only staff can start new threads - bitter forums experience has shown that if you allow people to create threads in there you end up with 1001 threads all going nowhere.
Inside that forum should be a thread that is for new suggestions for threads in that forum area - you can post the idea's in there and then if they look good - a thread is started by the staff and everything is good in the world.

Hope that helped - BTW - try "Harry noticed the emblem embroidered on their chests: a wand and a bone, crossed." forums for reporting issues and questions ;)

Cheers Kazza!


Time Turners
How come on forums there are what seem like random quotes from books?

E.G "Harry noticed the emblem embroidered on their chests: a wand and a bone, crossed." and "Whoever's nearest the receiver, dial six two four four two!"


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It is what you call style and design ... a quirk of the board.

Basically go back in time the forum were all named with quotes relevant to the forum subject but people found it hard to navigate them - so I swapped and the quotes are the sub text of the forums ... nothing more sinister than forum naming!