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Time Turners
The Bible passages are referring to the vacuum which is created when power is removed and not replaced. The "Home being swept clean," is in fact referring directly to the human soul. The Bible teaches that darkness and light can not co-exist in the same space, therefore, if a "home" or soul of darkness is purged and not immediately filled with light, darkness takes advantage of the vacuum and comes in strength seven fold.

I found the Harry for King theory very interesting; it is in fact EXACTLY what this passage is referring to, if the vacuum of power is NOT immediately filled with light instead of darkness, darkness will capitalize. Life in the wizarding world will again become seven times darker. As it did after Grinlewold's reign....literally seven times worse. Not only is Voldy more powerful, but there is in essence seven of "him" to destroy, each one more mangled than the other. Each on more inhuman.....

Let me know what you think!!

Incredible passage! Great post! I love it!

Dr Winterbourne

Time Turners
Well, if the posibility of a King is on the table, I remember a certain song from OotP.

I can't see Ron as king, honestly; but then again,I do tend to be hard on him, and forget or downplay his contributions. It is undeniable that the Weasley family are major players in the community. Head Boys, Quidditch captains, Fred and George's legendary antics, it was they that made that swamp in the upper corridor.

How do the younger students view Ron? I noticed on the last read through that Harry, Ron and Hermione could only sit by the fire when everyone had gone to bed in first year. Later, I think in PoA, they mention that they are their 'favourite seats'. By OotP, they seem to just be able to sit there whenever they want - almost as if the other Gryffindors know - 'No, don't sit there - that's Potter's chair'. Well, guess Hermione is the top student in the school, and a prefect, and friend of The Boy Who Lived. Ron, too, has that priveledge, is also a prefect, was instrumental in a Quidditch Cup victory, comes from a famous family, is intimate with the Order...

Could Weasley be our King?
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