Spells in Harry Potter

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Accio (AK-see-oh or A-see-oh) a.k.a The Summoning Charm. The caster will add at the end of Accio . Said item will then go to the conjuror from any location in the vicinity.

Alohomora (AL-o-ho-MOR-ah) Unlocks basic locks.

Aparecium (a-par-EE-see-um) Makes basic invisible ink visible.

Avada Kedavra (uh-VAH-duh kuh-DAH-vruh) a.k.a The Killing curse. This is one of three illegal curses, known as the unforgivable. Casting one of these unforgivable spells will send the conjuror straight to Azkaban. When the spell is cast, a green light appears, followed by a rushing sound and then the target dies.

Avis (AH-vis) Creates small twittering birds.

Colloportus (co-lo-POR-tus) Shuts doors.

Crucio (KROO-see-oh) a.k.a Cruciatus Curse. This is one of three illegal curses, known as the unforgivable. Casting one of these unforgivable spells will send the conjuror straight to Azkaban. This is a torture spell. It creates the receiver sever pain.

Deletrius ( deh-LEE-tree-us ) Dissipates shadow image createdby Prior Incatato spell.

Densaugeo ( den-sah-OO-gi-oh ) Body part that is targeted by this grows to outrageous size.

Diffindo (dih-FIN-doe) Causes tear in item and/or seams are undone.

Disillusionment Charm - Reciever of spell becomes like a chameleon, blending into his surroundings, almost invisible like.

Dissendium (dis-EN-dee-um) Opens a secret entrance in a statues at Hogwarts.

Engorgio (en-GOR-gee-oh) Swell up or enlarge target.

Ennervate (EN-er-vayt) To awaken out of unconsciousness - Counterspell to Stupefy (Stunning Spell).

Evanesco (ev-an-ES-ko) It is believed to clear an area. Tuck away items on the area being cleared/cleaned by disappearing them.

Expecto Patronum (ex-PEK-toh pa-TROH-num) a.k.a Patronus Charm. Conjurs a guardian that acts as a shield between conjuror and attacker/enemy.

Expelliarmus (ex-pel-ee-AR-mus) a.k.a Disarming Spell. Shen performed a dazzling flash of scarlet light appears, followed with an energy burst. It can even throw opponents off their feet if not properly and quickly countered.

Ferula (feh-ROO-lah) Bandages appear and wrap themselves around broken body parts creating a splint.

Finite (fi-NEE-tay) Stops single spell that has been cast.

Finite Incantatum (fi-NEE-tay in-can-TAH-tum) Stops spells effects that have been already cast in the immediate area.

Flagrate (flah-GRAH-tay) Flags an objects by creating a mark on it.

Furnunculus ( fur-NUN-kyoo-lus) Causes ugly boils to appear.

Impedimenta (im-ped-ih-MEN-tah ) A spell that slows down and obstructs attackers.

Imperio (im-PAIR-ee-oh ) This is one of three illegal curses, known as the unforgivable. Casting one of these unforgivable spells will send the conjuror straight to Azkaban. This spell causes conjurer to control/influence actions of target.

Impervius (im-PER-vee-us) object it is cast on repels water.

Incendio (in-SEN-dee-o) Causes a person to not be able to walk, just wobble.

Legilimens (le-JIL-i-menz) Ability to extract feeling and in some cases memories from another person.

Locomotor Mortis (lo-co-MO-tor MOR-tis) a.k.a. Leg-Locker Curse. The cursed persons legs are stuck together.

Lumos (LOO-mos) Lights up end of wand, like a flashlight.

Mobiliarbus (MO-bi-lee-AR-bus) Similar to Wingardium Leviosa but not as strong. Moves item from one place to another.

Mobilicorpus (MO-bi-lee-COR-pus) Animates an unconscious person and moves him like a puppet.

Morsmordre (mors-MOR-druh ) Green light erupts, image of a skull with two emerald stars for eyes and a serpent protruding from its mouth appear in the sky above. Death eaters performed this after every murder they performed.

Nox (noks) Counter the effect of Lumos. Shuts off light emanating from wand.

Obliviate (oh-BLI-vee-ate) a.k.a The Memory Modifying Charm. Targets memories are erased.

Orchideous (or-KID-ee-us ) Creates flowers from the wand.

Peskipiksi Pesternomi (pes-kee PIK-see pes-ter-NO-mee) Useless spell attempt by Gilderoy Lockhart to control cornish pixies.

Petrificus Totalus (pe-TRI-fi-cus to-TAH-lus) Total body stiffens. Unable to move, almost like petrified.

Point Me - a.k.a Four Point Spell. When cast the wand becomes like a compass pointing north.

Prior Incantato (prye-OR in-can-TAH-toe)
The wand to which this spell is cast will show a shadow of last spell cast by it.

Protego(pro-TAY-go) a.k.a. Protection spell. Causes spell cast by an attacker to rebound back to him.

Quietus (KWY-uh-tus) Counter-curse to Sonorus. Returns amplified voice to its normal state.

Reducio (re-DOO-see-oh ) Counter curse to Engorgio. Reduce in size/swelling.

Reducto (re-duc-toh ) a.k.a Reductor Curse. Blasts solid object out of the way.

Relashio (re-LASH-ee-oh) Sends sparks towards target.

Reparo (re-PAR-oh ) Fixes a broken object.

Rictusempra (ric-tu-SEM-pra)
Jet of silver light emanates along with a contract tickling of target.

Riddikulus (ri-di-KYOO-lus) Spell used against boggarts. Boggart will show a funny appearance and renders it harmless.

Scourgify (SKUR-ji-fy ) Cleaning spell; Cleans up messes.

Serpensortia (ser-pen-SOR-sha) Explosion occurs first, then a long black snake emanates and it is prepared to attack opponent.

Shield Charm - Creates temporary wall to deflect minor curses.

Silencio(si-LEN-see-oh) The target of spell loses voice.

Sonorus (so-NO-rus ) Amplifies voice to be heard clearly in an area, at least, the size of a Quidditch Field.

Stupefy ( STOO-puh-fye) Stunning spell. Stuns target.

Tarantallegra (TAIR-an-tuh-LEG-ruh) Cursed legs move out of control, kind of quick step.

Waddiwasi (wah-di-WAH-see) Blast of air that can move stuck or inanimate objects.

Wingardium Leviosa (win-GAR-dee-um lev-ee-OH-sa) Spell used to levaitate objects around, directed by the wand.
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