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Okay, so I'm not -quite- through with the sixth book yet (due, of course, to being unable to get ahold of it as soon as I'd hoped to), but so far I've noticed several hints regarding spiders... for example, Harry comparing Slughorn to a spider, the spiders on Dumbledore's hat at the Weasley's... and just a few other things that stood out to me... I'm wondering if it's all hinting at something... I dunno, spider-like... . Ah, well, if I'd just shut up and read I'd find out soon enough, right? Lol. Anyways, did anybody else notice this? No spoiler please.


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Don't worry u're not the only one. I noticed this too. Damned if I know what it means though. For being an English Major--I've never been all that great with the symbolism. *sighs*


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Urgh now that is hard to go anywhere without spoilers :p
Umm - I can see what you are saying - as to why - I'm not 100% sure but for what happened a little later - maybe it was to get us thinking about spiders again ;)


I did think it was quite interesting that the new DADA Professor mentioned that he had heard rumors that the spiders in the Forbidden Forest (Aragog and them) were Acromatulas..

I don't know if this was particularly true, as I do believe there was a difference between Aragog's family and the spider Harry and Cedric came across in the maze during the last task of the Triwizard Tournament in GoF.. but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.. ;)


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There has been a great deal of referrence to spiders throughout the series, but what bothers me the most is Slughorn wanting Aragog's venom, supposedly for profit which may be true but I wondered just what one would use the venom for especially because it is so rare. Any idea's would be greatly appreciated.


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Maybe it can be used to restore Bill from the werewolf bites. It wasn't mentioned in the hospital scene though, but being as it is so valuable, and most likely in that setting Slughorn would have had to have given it to Bill for free, he might have chosen to keep the information that he has it to himself.


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I think if the Aragog's venom was used for anything, it would be used to make a poison, cuz if he bit you, you would either die or be paralyzed from the venom. I don't see how it could be made into a restorative or anything.

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Slughorn is the potions master, and there's no one to say acromantula venom can only be used as a poison, unfortunatly.


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Spiders are mentioned quite a bit in PS/SS, particularly at the begining. The cupboard is full of spiders and Harry is used to them, in fact Spiders are seen often very shortly befor DD makes appearances. Harry doesn't mind spiders, DD seems to be attached to them, and weasley hates them. HMMM.....