symbols in the rubbish bin


Time Turners
just perusing j.k's site as usual and in the rubbish bin there seems to be little tablets with symbols on them, one has a unicorn, one a tadpole. just wondering what your thoughts are on what these could be


Time Turners
It's been a while since I did this one but I think it was when you find the Rune's book the symbols in the book are numbered 0-9, follow the tiles from left to right in the rubbish bin area and you should come up with 8 numbers these numbers represent JKR birth date, then go back to the main page with the phone and click on the corresponding numbers then hit the button with the picture of the phone on it and you will be rewarded with something for your scrape book.


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It is part of a puzzle - in the part of JKR's site where the books are, there is a rune's book - these symbols can be deciphered there ...