Testing Snape?


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Ok, this is a very new idea right now, and I am looking for more information, but I wanted to get it down before I forget. Is it possible that Barty Crouch Jr. was spying, for lack of a better word, on Snape in Goblet of Fire to see where his loyalties really were? I came across this as I was re-reading GoF tonight, and it struck me as odd, as it is Barty Crouch Jr., not the real Moody that says it, and he would be very interested in an honest answer if Voldemort had ordered him to keep tabs on Snape:

"Ah, I see," said Moody softly. "Got Potter's best interests at heart, have you?"

I plan on finishing GoF tonight, and will no doubt be back with more later :)


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Well, I'm sure that a lot of Voldemort's supporters probably thought that Snape was betraying Voldemort by working for Dumbledore (like how Beatrice didnt seem like be too keen on Snape)

I think, just like how Snape wasnt really trusted by some people on the Dumbledore side, I dont think Snape is really trusted by some people on Voldemort's side. But essentially, I think Voldemort trusts Snape, and wouldn't have someone to spy on him.. I reckon he would have other ways to make the judgement himself


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Moody/Crouch definitely was in a very good position to check up on Snape, that is for sure!
Snape rejoined Voldemort afterwards, and no doubt spent most of his time convincing Voldemort that his allegiances hadn't waivered.

What i like about this theory is that it isn't until after reading the series that things like this get picked up on.
Going in to GoF for the first time, we believe Moody is Moody, so nothing he says seems out of the ordinary. And also, Snape did not know Moody's true identity, so he could easily promise that he only has Harry's best interests at heart! Crouch would have found it very entertaining to watch Snape struggle between saying he is protecting Harry, and his true feelings towards the boy (evil or not, lets face it, he hates Harry).
I'd almost put money on the fact that if Moody/Crouch contacted Voldemort at any time during his stay at Hogwarts, he would have filled his master in on all of Snape's movements


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One the same subject - it reminded me of the film GoF just after Crouch did the famous 'you show me yours' comment - as the camera starts to pan away - Snape is seen staring at Crouch and of course Crouch staring back - it just seemed poignant based on what we know of Snape and the DE's mistrust of him.
I think that was all badly underplayed in the film - that uneasy balance Snape walks in both the good and bad world should really have been pushed with Igor - it was primed for it - and the best scene to enforce it was chopped out and added as an 'extra' scene - :rolleyes:

But drifting back to the thread - I think Moody/Crouch really was looking at Snape to try and work out his loyalties - he knew the Dark Lord was coming back and he hoped to be at his side as he did it - and I'm sure just like Bellatrix, he would have been looking at things he could use to get in the good books of the Dark Lord - including telling him that the one he fears has left forever really should have been killed!


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I think Snape's entire character throughout the books would show anyone that he could really be working for Voldemort. Even when he was in Dumbledore's presence much of his attitude and even his posturing told he was one not to be trusted. We did see though that the few times when Dumbledore really needed him he was there and did what he was told without question. An example of that would be when Dumbledore sent Snape off to get the Veritisirum and Winky from the kitchen when Crouch was unconscious.

If Crouch/Moody was indeed there at Hogwarts for more then to get Harry for Voldemort, he never really let on. As for any telling dialogue from the movie, I thought they went quite a bit away from the actual plot of the book in many ways. The real Crouch Jr. wasn't even seen in the book (he was there under the invisibility cloak) until Harry saw Dumbledore's pensieve memory, yet he was in the very first scene in the movie.

Crouch believed he was Voldemort's most loyal follower as most of Voldemort's followers felt. He looked upon all the other Death Eaters as traitors because he felt none of them made the sacrifices he did by going to Azkaban. We never saw any interaction between Moody/Crouch and Bellatrix because she was still locked up at the time. It seems to be the mindset of all the Death Eaters that they are the only one truly loyal, so I'd assume that while he was at Hogwarts, Crouch kept his eyes open for anything odd about Snape's behavior, but then he also had Karkaroff there to keep an eye on who he knew was a traitor to Voldemort.


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Yes indeed - I was just saying in another thread that JKR has built this character to be an enigma - to make him float that fine line that it would be hard to say with any certainty that he is good or bad ... that is a great piece of writing!
Testing Snape was more just a DE past time before the return of Voldemort - maybe a chance for the DE's to get favour with Voldemort on his return - but the main tests seemed to have been reserved for when the main man was back ... I think even Voldemort must have wondered, even just a little ...

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I think I agree with ALz on this one. Moody/crouch probably was spying on snape but not on Voldy's orders. Remember that voldemort doesn't like relying on other people for things that he's is already "sure of." That would undermine his own legilimens power and make him appear weak.


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Yeah I buy that as well - we have to figure in Voldemort's arrogance as well.
But more specifically - I got the impression he embarked on his outing to the Potters that night with very few people knowing where he was going - this was evident in Bellatrix and co attacking the Longbottom's because they were lead to believe that they knew of his whereabouts ... point I am making is that there was no directions left for his DE's - so not sure they were told to specifically watch Snape ... was just a way they could score some points on the off chance the big cheese came back!