The Final Horcrux - New Look

The New Look ...

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At long last - we have a style all of our own :D
Massive thanks to Sir - I am pleased to showcase the new look TFH!

So - let's have your feedback - what do you think of the new look?


Time Turners
:eek: whew!! - it's a new look...what a relief.
when i logged on, i thought it was just me and i totally panicked.:eek:
[i tend to react first, read later - hee-hee]
it looks good. it's so much more "THE FINAL HORCRUX" - dramatic.
i love the shmileys too:D


Time Turners
Love it.

Oh, dear, I can foresee that I'm going to be really annoying with those new emoticons...:rolleyes:

PS: I notice there isn't one for "wry!" ;)
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I Love the new look! Not overly crazy about the white text again, it makes my eyes go buggy when reading for a long time, but. . . I lived with it before, and it's worth the effort! Overall though it looks awesome!:D

Padma Patil

Dumbledore's Girl
I like it. I'm not overly crazy about the white text either, but I can fix that all by myself. *sings to self, "I'm a big girl now!"*

Over all, really liking the new look. :) (and smilies :D ;) )


Wingardium Leviosa
I love purple! ... so I LOVE the colour scheme! Thumbs up!
And not only does it look good (Which is always important..) but it is also quite easy to navigate (which is even more important, especially to someone like me) ;)


see, i just joined....what was the color before? i like this color tho