The Grey Lady


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I remember a lot of people trying to work out whether the Ravenclaw House Ghost, the Grey Lady came a legend or not. I found this little summary in The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter by David Colbert:

This Hogwarts ghost is named for Lady Jane Grey, queen of England for just 9 days in 1553 before being deposed. Only 15 years old, she was locked in the Tower of London and beheaded the next year.

Just thought that was interesting....


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Interesting snipit there hun - thanks for posting that up!

I always thought in the past that the grey lady was linked to Dumbledore and also the reason he never left Hogwarts - and for such a minor character she appeared in the first film - and a film JKR fed a great deal into - that still puzzles me but sadly if she has plans for the grey lady, they are end of book materials!


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Although that's a good spot, I highly doubt Lady Jane Grey ever set foot inside Hogwarts. I mean, she was a Queen - if she'd been magic, then she would not have let a bunch of Muggles kill her. Besides, being only 15, she could not have become so attached to Hogwarts and House Ravenclaw, so as to haunt the castle for the rest of eternity.
However, there are several Grey Ladies throughout the UK, in various castles and mansions, that are supposed to be the ghosts of women who, say, died of grief when their husband was killed in a war or something of the sort. Since The Grey Lady is possibly the most common name for a female ghost in the world, it is only fitting that JK Rowling has created her own, but modelled it to coincide with the other Grey Ladies that are supposed to be around.