The Locket


Time Turners

After Harry arrives at 12 Grimmauld Place and settles down, the whole family help clean removing various magical pests. In a brief setence, someone is cleaning out the desk that contained the boggart. There was a large locket that would not open. I think this is the locket Horcrux Harry and Dumbledore went to retrieve on that fateful night. This would explain R.A.B. because Sirius' brother was Regulus A. Black. We also know Reg. was a Death Eater and was killed only days after his renouncement of Voldemort. "He tried to back out because he was scared of what they were asking him to do. It's not like you can just hand in your resignation to Lord Voldemort. It's a life time of service or death." Sirius was telling Harry at the tapestry.

I hope this is the answer but if it is, Harry's going to have to dredge through a landfill to defeat LV. That also brings up an interesting question of what do wizards do with their trash?


Sherbet Lemon
This theory has been discussed before.
To give you most logical answer to where abouts of that locket:

- It could still be at grimmauld place. Maybe Kreacher took it and hid it somewhere in the house.

- Dung took it with all those stollen goods. He might have sold it in black market, and now could be anywhere.


Time Turners
I never thought of Dung when he stole stuff. That could make for a very interesting search. I did think that Kreacher hid it.


Sherbet Lemon
Now that we have see the disaster movie called "Order of the Pot-holes" oops.... errr..."Order of the Phoenix" we can say that Locket is a huge debate.......

The movie didnt even mention or show the locket.....

This is a huge miss in my opinion. I will come back and post more on this after reading the book. But I bet on one thing:

I think JKR told the movie people to not show the locket. She knows very well that Potter crazy people like us already know that the locket surfaced in book 5. But maybe she is trying to hide it now from general crowd, so she doesnt spoil the book 7 for them.

Go on IMDB and read the reviews on this movie..... the WB haters count is increasing day by day.

Fire WB.......
Fire Yates.......


Time Turners
Wow if the locket wasn't mentioned in the movie, it is probably not a Horcrux then. That is interesting.


Time Turners
i remember starting a thread on this before , i agree it's at grimmauld place .not sure if it will contain the horcrux tho, can't wait for the book to find out.


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But...the movie did have Dumbledore's brother Aberforth, the barman at the Hog's Head (remember the goat). The last we saw Mundungus, the probable thief of the locket, was when he was talking to Aberforth. Now that is a pretty indirect reference to the locket, but the director did go out of the way to include that bit of arcana.

P.S. I think the head boy badge worn by Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secret's looks a lot like the "coins" and such flying out of reach of the three heros on the cover of the Deathly Hallows. And, the circular stone arch behind them looks like the Chamber. Could they be searching for a horcruxed Head Boy badge?


Time Turners
Amazing how the book tied all of our ideas up together in the end. They butcher the movies but I do not care because I will still see them.

Back to the books, I had an idea when re-reading DH.

In it after the Ministry, Harry buries Mad Eye's eye under the most resilient tree he could find and it was in the woods at the Cup match.

In my Potter world, Harry would continue the study of wandlore.
Since he has understood very deep magical laws personally he would understand that only by rectifying what he does not know or care about that would be the exact thing he must devote his time.

His worst subject in school was History of Magic. He would need to study everything he could. He would then realize through past personal experience about the rift between Goblin/Wizard relations and teach them wandlore as a gift to the whole Goblin community to defuse any build up of oppresive feeling the goblins would have after the fall of VM.

The tree the eye is buried would hold powers of illusions because the eye is absorbed by the tree. Harry would make a new wand of even greater power than the Elder Wand ever had.

Just a thought ...