The mystery of Aberforth?...


Time Turners
The only other twins I can think of are Parvati and Padma Patil. However, they are shown to have different attributes from each other, ie being sorted into different houses.

I’m actually always struck by the differences between Albus and Aberforth rather than the similarities. Albus is largely self-taught according to JKR with drive, ambition and status whereas Aberforth is portrayed as being ‘a strange bloke’ with questionable intentions to goats, a possible inability to read and playing host to the shadier characters of wizarding society at the Hog’s head! I’m sure this is all part of JKR’s plan to reveal a completely different side to Aberforth and a key role in the final book. I’m convinced he’s the member of the order we’ll learn more about – looking through the other names it can only be him, can’t it?


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I'm not really convinced they are twins per say - I think that would serve no real purpose as JKR for sure would have played on that with little clues to make us kick ourselves.

The distinct lack of detail on Aberforth represents the best to come from the charater - JKR did enough to make sure we all knew who he was when she finally pulled the trigger on the plot bunny - but as I said now he is ready for his meaning to the series!