the other minister


Time Turners
i am currently re-reading HBP and the first chapter 'the other minister' has the muggle minister thinking that with all the things fudge has been going through in his world at least (not exact words) 'no one had died under his charge, at least not yet...'
i believe this is some definite foreshadowing as to either muggles finding out about wizards or someone within the muggle ministry being killed, perhaps even the muggle prime minister himself.


Tom Marvolo Riddle
Good observation. My personal additions here:
1) Remember that the Muggle PM had Kingsley as his secretary. There is probably some sort of wizard/witch around at all times, in order to ensure the PM has enough time to get away, even if some DE's or LV himself decided to have a go.
2) The Muggle PM cannot be responsible for Muggles discovering the magical world, due to one major factor: nobody would believe the man, even if he DID go about telling his cabinet and whatnot about Fudge and Scrimgeour.
3) I doubt the Dark Lord would target high end Muggles; he just doesn't think highly enough of them to wish to kill important figureheads. He is much more satisfied with the chaos he is causing by unleashing giants and dementors upon unsuspecting civilians.
4) A massive discovery of the wizarding world can only be prompted by the magical folk themselves. Remember that wizards can Obliviate and whatnot, and any Muggle that goes blabbing will have their memory modified. Easy.