The Snape/Dumbledore theory?


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Joanna stated for a fact Albus Dumbledore is dead.
Why else would there be a portrait of the Headmaster in the Headmaster's office ?

you should have looked at the timing of this thread start.
JKR has killed the theory just recently so speculation last year was not out of place, was it?
I am sure I can still debate between the fine lines JKR throws at us. And it is not like she hasnt lied before, is it? :D

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True, Dumbledore is, as of this moment, dead, but the questioner didnt ask if he was going to return?.... So technically J.K.R. didnt lie, but she didnt say, " oh....but he will be back " ....coz she wasnt asked that.. was she?


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.. you keep holding onto that bone ... ;)
Is an interesting points in the last two threads - he is DEAD at the moment and it isnt like JKR lied - like when she said before HBP that no-one significant will die - I guess sometimes she needs to mislead a little ... see will give you DiA teams some hope :D


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Very interesting again....make me think. i believe in book 6 Tonks says something to the effect that, "I guess you'll have to do it the hard way, most wizards must use a potion or a wand to change their appearance."
As for the switch, personally i have always thought DD might be an unregistered animagus, think about it he knows WAY too much about what goes on inside the Dursleys home. I'm sorry i still cling to DD being alive 1. the portrait in the headmasters office was as if asleep.....none of the other headmasters were asleep. 2. snape was snape at the hogwarts gates, no way bucky would have attacked DD. and finnally Fawkes was called away by DD and was leaving his home. But think about it... his song gives strenth and hope to harry so of course he would be singing a lament.
I thought i could walk away there but obviously not.........lets look again at RAB....... just to mess with ya alz.......... what if he isn't dead. Imagine this,snape was sent to kill regulus but didn't do it and he went into hiding. Now who is going to help harry as in my opinion he doesn't have even as much magic in him as malfoy, he is going to have to have major dark arts help here. now i'll walk away!!!!!!!!!!!
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I believe DD was informed of the Unbreakable Vow and in the end concluded he must die to save Snape. Why? I don't know but DD would do something like that. Also the "ironclad" reason DD trusts Snape is because, I believe, Snaped loved Lily more than anything because no-one loved him. Due to his fixation on the Dark Arts, Snape was put in Slytherin and he certainly couldn't enjoy the help Lily was trying to give him overtly with the whole school watching him dangling by his ankle in the memory Harry saw during Occlumency lessons. This puts Snape in a bind with reguards to Harry. He loved Lily and because of him, she's dead, so he agreed to DD (DD truly believes him because love is the most powerful form of magic. That coupled with DD ability at Legilemens was an ironclad truth) to protect the only living part of Lily left. On the other hand Harry is also a spitting image of his father and a reminder Lily went for James instead of him. This would explain the hatred towards Harry that might have been mentioned once or twice in the course of the six books.