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Time is Relevant to Harry Potter Series

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Prediction: Time will be a factor in the overall series
I it my belief and prediction that time will be used as part of the overall series to explain certain events that contribute to the septology.

Evidence or Support
We have seen over and over again mentions of time travel and/or manipulation.
From the time turner in PoA - to the declaration by Voldemort that the steps he took long ago to ensure his survival - even up to DoM and OoTP with the wind in the jar that has a bird turning from egg to full adult and dying again .. the Potter books contain so many references to possible time movements and changes.


While I do agree that time have been seen in several instances in the Potter books, I do not agree that it will be used overall in the series as a possible key to the Septology.

I believe that such an overall usage of time travel may be excessive.
In addition, while i do not doubt JKR could pull it off, I think it is probably unlikely for what are ultimately supposed to be children's books as it could get extremely confusing.


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Agree - most passionately!!!


There are innumerable references to time throughout the Septology - this was perhaps not so prevelant in PS/SS or CoS, but there were indeed references. In PoA there are so many references to time that they more or less smack you in the face! These are then continued into GoF and OotP. We have the Department of Mysteries that holds the glass jars filled with what can only be described as time; the time turner that Hermione used and was 'prescribed' this by Professor McGonagall who had to get permission for her to use it by the MoM; we have the Pensieve which I believe holds elements of 'time' - even if this is a personal bit of time, almost like a video diary.

It is unlikely that JKR has introduced such an intricate weaving of time into the septology if it does not hold a major piece of the story, if not the key.


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As it has already been said, there are a great number of time and time manipulation mentions in the septology thus far, and I think there are far too many for it not to be relevant. I think JKR introduced and explained something as complicated as time travel so early in the series so that it would be understood fully by her audience when it is revealed how important time and it's manipulation are.


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I do believe that time is very important in the Potter books. JKR mentioned so herself in the PoA DVD. She said it was very difficult to explain and that you kept going round in circles. I think she was making reference not to PoA which had time travel in it, but instead to the future two books.

My reasoning for this was that her explainations of time in PoA were simple enough she just had to put the right information in so that we could would remember the key events. I think the real time travel that will happen in books 6 & 7 will be far more complicated and harder to explain because it will be going full circle.


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Voted: Yes

Even Snape has said that "time and space matter in magic." And Snape's word is as good as gold, right?! :D I don't know in what manner it will come up, but I agree that time is definitely relevant to the goings-on in the HP series.


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Basically as everyone else has said, JKR has mentioned time a lot. My ideas are more suited for another thread though...


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Snape said:
time and space matter in magic.

so.. agreed!
Harry had to travel back in time to save Buckbeak and Sirius...
and then the whole thing about Harry and Voldemort--the prophecy, if you will--was by looking in to the future by a Seer.

So if not time, what else?