U.S. Book 7 Dustcover unveiled!!!!


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The new dust cover was revealed this morning. It Harry reaching over his head to his left, looking upwards. Surrounded by what appears to be rubble of ruins,or some type of areana. Voldy is standing behind Harry, either reaching for Harry or reaching for the same object that Harry is. If anyone else saw this, reply and lets see what we make of it. (I still think the ruins are going to be whats left of Hogwarts when the final battle is over.) U.S. release date is 07/21/2007

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I haven't seen it yet, I'll look around and see if I can get a link for it. One thing though to remember . . . You can look back on this site, and there is a thread where we posted our thoughts on the release for the cover art for HBP . . . We were in the ballpark with some of it, but didn't get anything exactly right. But, that said . . . bring it on! Lets start guessing!

OK, here they are . . .

US cover - http://www.thesnitch.net/site/images2/dhus.jpg

better US cover - http://www.scholastic.com/harrypotter/books/hallows/index.htm

UK childrens cover - http://www.thesnitch.net/site/images2/hp7childrens_low_complete.jpg
UK adult cover - http://www.thesnitch.net/site/images2/hp7adult_low_complete.jpg
Let the theories begin!
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OK, after looking closely at all the covers, here is what I see as significant, and what it may (or may not) mean.

US Cover

Neither has a wand. Sadly, this could give the “leak” mentioned in another thread some credibility, unless it was merely a supposition that was based on the cover art to begin with.

They seem to both be facing something.

They appear to be in an arena with people watching.

There is rubble at their feet, but no clue to what it came from.

There are torn curtains on each side as if we are seeing them through a doorway of some sort.

Harry has the locket around his neck.

There is a crack in the arena just to the left of Voldemort’s hand, not sure what that could mean, but I don’t think that the arena is old, as there are no other noticeable cracks, could have been made by what created all the rubble.

They are wearing matching brown robes, but not certain if that is significant.

UK Adult cover

Well, the locket. Looks nice, We knew it would be prevalent in the story, but, is it on the cover because it is found early, or because it ends up being the most elusive?

The text on the cover tells us that Harry will spend some time at the burrow before beginning his hunt.

The text mentions that Harry has never felt so alone, does this mean he will be without Ron and Hermionie?

UK Children’s

Text on the back, says Harry waits at Privet drive for the Order to escort him away without Voldemort knowing. So do we assume he goes to the Dursleys first then to the Burrow?

The artwork here definitely brings up more questions . . .

The trio seem to be coming out of a pipe or tunnel, landing on a large pile of “treasure”, or it could be a vault at Gringots that Harry’s hunt has led him to. this seems to imply that the trio will indeed be on the hunt together, at least for part of the time.

We see chest armor with a snake on the breast, Would Slythierin have ever worn armor?

There is a knights helmet with a dragon on top, would assume it went with the chest armor, but perhaps not.

There is something on Harry’s back, my guess is Dobby, or possibly another house elf, and they are holding what appears to be Gryffindor’s sword.

We see the patronus stag . . . this could mean that Harry has to battle dementors, which isn’t much of a surprise, but could it have some other meaning?

We see a snake in a crystal ball, my guess is that again Trelawney may see or foretell something “real”.

Assuming that the snake is Nagini, this could mean that she was indeed made into a horcrux, and that would be very difficult for Harry to gain access to since she is usually with Voldemort.

At the bottom of the picture of Hogwarts, there is a small black animal, either a dog or cat, difficult to say what it may mean, could be Crookshanks in shadow, McGonagal in her animagus form, or nothing of importance (doubt it )

Hogwarts is pictured, so I am assuming that it does at least play a role in the story even if Harry does not attend, but maybe he will, at least part time.

The trio seem to be bruised and Harry has cuts on his arm and his robe is torn or cut, so they have not had an easy time getting where they are.

Again, the us cover I notice, no wands in any of their hands.

Ron and Hermionie appear to be wearing some rather nice ornate robes that show no tears or damage as Harry’s do.

So now, my overall impression is that The trio will indeed be together for at least part if not the majority of the adventure. Hogwarts come in to play in some way. There will be an adventurous and dangerous hunt for the Horcruxes, Slytherin’s locket seems prominent, either because it is difficult to find or one Harry thinks Voldemort will most redily recognize. Harry will as we know make a visit with the Dursley’s but perhaps, Voldemort has knowledge of them, as there seems to be a need for protection for Harry as he leaves. Harry will be at the burrow for a period of time, presumably for the wedding, which if in August, would mean that Harry leaves the Burrow for his hunt and not for Hogwarts. Harry will face Voldemort (like we didn’t already know that) But it appears that the Brother wands will not be involved in the final conflict. I would almost guess that both Harry and Voldemort will together face a common enemy, perhaps the giants. Will Harry win by actually protecting Voldemort?


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Notes from the cover of the English "Children's" edition

Deathly Hollows said:
Harry is waiting in Privet Drive, The Order of the Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing – if they can. But what will Harry do then? How can he fulfil the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Dumbledore has left him with?

Harry has been burdened with a dark, dangerous and seemingly impossible task: that of locating and destroying Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. Never has Harry felt so alone, or faced a future so full of shadows. But Harry must somehow find within himself the strength to complete the task he has been given. He must leave the warmth, safety and companionship of the Burrow and follow without fear or hesitation the inexorable task laid out for him …

In this final, seventh instalment of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling unveils in spectacular fashion the answers to the many questions that have been so eagerly awaited. The spellbinding, richly woven narrative, which plunges, twists and turns at a breathtaking pace, confirms the author as a mistress of storytelling, whose books will be read, reread and read again.


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First off, nice detail work, SPF---very observant! I, however, think the thing on Harry's back in the US children's edition cover looks more like Kreacher than Dobby----there's definitely an evil look about it---that also may explain the cuts on Harry.

I guess this settles the question of whether the locket is a big deal, eh?


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Looks a bit like the theatre/arena where the arch and veil were in the ministry. Could this be the view from behind the veil? On the UK childrens version we see only a single archway and trinkets or such that the three are reaching for. Seems as if Ron is the one with Gryffindor's sword.


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Agree about the US cover. There seem to be shadows of spectators/combatants looking down. This seems to fit very closely the last battleground where Sirius died. With the magnifying glass the figures seem to be hooded like deatheaters.

The arch in the UK children's edition reminds me of the Chamber of Secrets. Is that where the final clues are to be found?


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It looks like on the back of the UK children's cover that Hogwarts is on fire. There is also the picture of Harry's stag Patronus on the flap, so that will surely come into play again. The front looks like they go back down into the Chamber of Secrets, but I'm not sure about all the treasure.

The US cover is never what it seems...... but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say that the picture is possibly from Godric's Hollow and that is the destruction that still remains of Harry's house there. It looks like it was a pretty grand place if it is what's left of his house, (but then, since he is the last remaining Gryffindor, he would have lived in a nice place.) Or maybe it's Hogwarts after Voldemort is done with it.... or maybe it's ...... oh well, who knows!


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First, SPF -- AMAZING! Gosh, you never cease to amaze me. I would add to your reputation, but it insists on my "spreading it around" and I don't want to so there. :eek:

Anyway, I think it's interesting (based on what our discussions have been) who/what are NOT on the covers (any of them).
- Snape
- Hagrid
- McGonagal (maybe?)
- Any of the Malfoy's or other DEs

For what is:
I'm going to have to think on these. I need to print them out and think thoroughly, but darnit life is in the way. First thought, I thought of the Trial room in the Ministry or the Circular room FIRST when I saw the US cover. I'll look back at OotP to see what they looked like.

I think the colors are interesting -- lot of gold colors in all three covers.

The UK Children's cover looks like perhaps the trio are being sucked in -- though I can see falling out of something but it's not as clear (I think because of the look on Hermione's face).

I think the "blurbs" on the two UK versions mentioning both Privet Drive and the Burrow is interesting. The Order is picking up Harry (but not Ron and Hermione?) to take him away. He leaves the companionship of the Burrow to go on his quest. That sounds like Ron & Hermione might go to Hogwarts and Harry goes alone, but that's not what they promised. The robes are interesting. They couldn't have been made Head Boy and Head Girl because Percy didn't get fancy robes. I'd say dress robes? We know Ron got some new ones. Dang, I need to print this so I can look.

Anyway, I wanted to look at y'all's thoughts. I was so excited to see the covers. Now for the book! WOO HOO!!!!


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Okay, so looking at the UK children's cover more closely, I wonder about the crystal ball with the image of the snake in it. We have long debated the scene in OotP, where Dumbledore views the two snakes made of green smoke in the catraption in his office. We know that Voldemort is described as 'snakelike' many times. But in the crystal ball there is only one form of a snake. Could it be that whatever it is that links Harry with Voldemort is broken before the end???? HM??

The front shows all the gold coins, cups and stuff. Maybe one of those cups is Hufflepuff's cup and maybe it is in the vault that Sirius left Harry. We saw into Harry's own vault and all that was in there were coins. But we know Sirius has a vault at Gringotts because he sent Crookshanks to get Harry's broom with a note to take the gold out of his vault. And he left Harry number 12. Why wouldn't he leave him the contents of his vault to fix the rat trap up? (There could be a reason why Dumbledore didn't mention that to Harry when he was at the Dursley's telling them that Harry had inherited number 12?????) Dumbledore would have known that the Dursley's would have wanted some of Harry's money. (Remember Uncle Vernon's reaction to the news that Harry had inherited real estate!!! Oh, the tangled web we weave!!)

As we all recall from the first book, Harry had quite a ride down through the bowels of Gringotts when he went with Hagrid to get his gold. Maybe the picture is only a metaphor for the journey to the vault. A wild ride, no doubt. (It made Hagrid hurl in the first book.)

(I wonder if the last word of the book is still SCAR?)

EDIT: I was looking a bit closer at the UK children's cover after I posted this. As SPF said, if you notice there is a battle helm at the bottom of the picture like those worn in the days of swords and spears. On top of the helm is the image of a griffin's head. It looks like a baby griffin because you can see a foot and a leg and it just looks like a baby. Okay, so I know I've said this about a million times, but I say that Harry is the baby griffin, (baby Gryffindor, that is!)
On the opposite side there is a breast plate with engraved scales and a snake on the front. (Slytherin.)

The final battle is between Slytherin and Gryffindor. (Voldemort and Harry!!!) And Dobby has Gryffindor's sword. Talk about poetic justice!

I just had to add that!! :)
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YEA! At least someone else thinks it's Dobby with the sword! And, after looking again, I can see that the figures are indeed hooded . . . but I don't think death eaters . . . my guess is Dementors. (they wear hoods too!) I'm wondering if whoever looses this challenge or whatever you want to call it gets taken care of with a kiss? I hadn't noticed the full moon there . . . well, can't say that, I did notice it, but didn't think about the significance of it. great catch! So many possibilities! Whyyyyyyyyyyy do we have to wait so long?!


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My brain is just buzzing at the moment and thankfully most of you all have said what i want to say anyway. but also all the treasure, it has to be gringotts or possibly hogwarts , lets not forget hagrids infamous line in PS/SS .
Also the robes, yes maybe dress robes but why would they have to wear them? It must be for a special occasion, perhaps bill and fleurs wedding? When i first saw them i thought of the four founders and assumed maybe they had robes...but that sounds like too much of a stretch
also with the treasure, it seems to have stuff from slythern and gryffindor so either its a special hogwarts vault at gringotts or its somewhere in hogwarts, maybe even the room of requirement?
Als the u.k kids editionm someone noticed a small black dog or cat? thats actually the bloomsbury symbol! LOL
As for the u.s cover , this seems like the final showdown, which i think shows that harry has gotten all the horcrux's and has challenged voldemort to a duel or vise versa. harry doesnt appear to be wearing any armor so i think the u.k cover is about ron and hermione helping harry look for the horcrux's. And the locket, being merope's originally makes me think that there is still more to be told about her.
I could go on for days but ill stop there, i just want to read the last book so bad now!


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I agree Fortescue that it is a Griffin on the helmet. The chest plate seems also to have a griffin head on a snake like body. The majority of the jewels appear to be rubies and this with the gold and armour suggests to me that the treasure trove is connected with Gryffindor. There is also a shield and what maybe a tiara in the bottom right hand corner.
I am sure that the house elf is Dobby holding Gryffindor's sword.

On the back cover smoke appears to be coming from behind Hogwarts, perhaps the Hogwarts graveyard? Perhaps they find Gryffindor's tomb full of powerful relics? There is a full moon which has implications for Lupin and Greyback.

I think that Ron and Hermione's robes could be connected to the wedding not to school.

We know that the protection of Privet Drive will continue until Harry's birthday but it sounds as if the order is getting him out of Privet Drive early, perhaps to get to the wedding? Maybe the order have worked out that harry is safest attacking Voldemort while he is still a child and has some protection left?

SPF the little black dog with an arrow in its mouth at the bottom of the back cover is the Bloomsbury Children's Books icon. http://www.bloomsbury.com/
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i am entranced by these covers! On even closer inspection and study i note that the hole the trio are coming out of is quite large which reminds me of the large pipes in the chamber of secrets, remember when harry goes down the pipe in the second book from moanign myrtles bathroom? he mentions lots of pipes went off in different directions, im sure salazar slytherin would have kept other things down there.
but since there is so much gryffindor related treasure i am a bit doubtful of that theory. because dobby is there it makes me think even more it is somewhere in hogwarts as dobby knows quite a bit about the layout of hogwarts (it is he who tells harry about the room of requirement)
And i cant think that the u.s cover is the school in ruins as j.k has clearly said that a student becomes a teacher there. (my money's on neville)
Also with the u.s , would those be death eaters watching in the arena? And what would harry be reaching up for?
Also the lack of wands just hit me, their wands cant duel each other! remember GOF? so how else would they fight?
Also im probably hallucinating but are their robes inscribed? because i could swear on voldemorts robe in the right corner is a sort of 'M' shape. Im probably going blind though from all the staring at the computer screen.
Also look very closely (u.s cover) at the wood piles between them, there is some sort of blue paint stuff on the middle one.
Im going crazy, i need to read the last book!


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hmmmm....i know i started this . just saw the U.K. childrens bookcover. Got me wondering......isn't there a mention in one the books about goblin made armor??? Looks as if this may be what we are seeing here? possible?


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Okay...here's an argument for the house elf on Harry's back being Kreacher....Kreacher, me thinks, has the locket....Kreacher is indentured to Harry and must do as Harry says, but we know where his allegiance lies----Harry's best move would be to not let Kreacher out of is sight---that was, we now know, a huge mistake on Sirius' part......also, we know Kreacher to be a pack rat-like creature (inadvertent pun)----perhaps the treasure trove Harry, Ron, & Hermione are falling into is Kreacher's cache---way more extensive than we thought. Besides, I think that the thing on Harry's back has a sinister look about it----we can't see the face, and that is obviously because we are supposed to be having this discussion----but the angle of the ears and the brow have a mean-spirited look about them (at least I think they do). I think Harry may have to order Kreacher to stay with him at all times. I can, however, buy the argument that they are tumbling into the CoS or some similar place within Hogwarts, led by Dobby.

Also, on the US hard-cover jacket.....that Voldemort & Harry are not holding wands does not necessarily have to mean that either of them has been stripped of power......wand-less magic is possible---we can be sure that Voldemort can do it, and I believe that Harry is growing in magical strength and may be able to master it as well. It would make sense because, A) their wands share cores and cannot be set against each other, and B) I would think it more likely that they could channel more powerful spells with wand-less magic as opposed to using someone else's wand, since the wand chooses the wizard and a wizard is not going to get the maximum out of a wand that "chose" someone else.

I suppose, if we can all stand it just a little longer, we shall find out in due time......

One thing's for certain----the cover art came out at a great time----I think we needed some fresh material to kick around! This is fun. I am going to miss it greatly.


US Cover- I still think this is the arena area at the minsitry where Sirius went through the veil. It looks stadium like and it appears that we are looking through the curtains.

I have no clue what they are reaching for though. (my mind keeps saying a snitch!) LOL!

In the shadows it appears to be people watching or perhaps ghosts from the veil?

UK Cover- I think it's a bit more colorful and Harry looks to me a bit more manly than on the US cover. I am still under the impression that they are falling through a chamber at Hogwarts. The trio looks a bit scratched up like maybe they went down a pipe like they did in COS. It could be an old vault that belonged to the Hogwarts Founders. The back has Hogwarts castle on it so I think they may be at Hogwarts.

I was also under the impression that it could be Kreacher on Harry's back. He was ordered to work at Hogwarts so he could be present.

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Seeker615I have no clue what they are reaching for though. (my mind keeps saying a snitch!) LOL!

I realy had more a feeling that they were both warding off something coming at the both of them.

OK, this may be really out there but with them both in the same posture, spectators watching, wandless, my trekie background leads me to the principle that to make two enemies get along. have the both face a comon enemy together, where they will have to work together to both survive or they will both die. Like I said . . . kind of out there!