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I have before discussed a growing feeling that unity amoung the magical world is how Harry will be helped to overcome Voldemort. upon reading more in HBP, thinking about a few things that hadn't occured to me previously, as well as seeing the covers of DH I have come to believe that this is a must.

JKR has shown us Harry's cooperation, compassion, and acceptance of all of the other magical beings (well . . . maybe not dementors) this part of my theory I have brought up before. But now consider this . . . Harry (like Snape and Voldemort) is a half-blood, Ron is a pure blood, and Hermionie is Muggle born. Here we have a rock solid union between the different "ethnicities" of the magical population.

Now I see armor in a chamber . . . two pieces are seen quite clearly, one with rubies and a griffin . . . obviously Griffendor's, A chest plate with a serpent - Slytherin's, then we see two more pieces, one appears to be a partialy burried shield, and another although clearly armor, is too obscured to tell what part it may be. What if those other pieces belong, one to Hufflepuff, and another to Ravenclaw? If that armor is worn by one person could it create some form of protection?

What has the sorting hat continued to promote with his songs? Although the hat's job is to seperate the students into their houses, he continues to encourage and promote magical unity. United we stand . . .


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Agreed, SPF. I think the greatest piece of evidence in support of your theory is that Voldemort has searched far & wide for artifacts that once belonged, individually, to each of the 4 Hogwarts founders. Surely this is not simply because Voldemort is fond of old stuff and likes to go "antiquing". Perhaps he knows something about the power that can be harnessed/unleashed by unifying the magic of the 4 founders.

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Mr Bandman said:
unifying the magic of the 4 founders.
That right there is so spot on! The different houses focus on different characteristics, courage, ambition, knowledge, loyalty . . . Each quality on it's own can produce a "successful" person. But if you were to combine all four characteristics in one, or . . . in three . . . Yes! look again at the trio . . . they are indeed all in Gryffindor, but what other characteristics do we see as well . . . Hermionie certainly has the brains for Ravenclaw, it was even stated before in one of the books. Harry was nearly put in Slytherin by the hat. And Ron, well he does seem more likely to be in Hufflepuff - not over bright, usualy afraid of everything, but, he is quite loyal . . .

Some who believe that Harry won't "kill" Voldemort, believe that they will somehow join together . . . could that be the ultimate message that JKR is trying to send? I read somewhere a while back that the former Pope actualy aproved of the HP books because Rowling had told him how it ended . . .


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It's also worthy of note that Harry ha shown compassion and also been semi accepted by centaurs, elfs, half giants, hippogrifs - heck most other creature Harry comes into contact with usually ends with a positive result.
I think Harry represents that way to unify all against Voldemort and the death eaters/allies etc - I think as we begin this last war in book 7 this ability to unite the different will be a key element.