Unspoiled and Finished!!!!!!!


Time Turners
Finished in 2 days. Can't read english as fast as my native language.
The book is astonishing, magnificent and amazing. I don't know any favorites yet, although the endings of 16 and 43 made me cry a little(especially the latter was a quite emotional bit of reading).


Time Turners
I loved all of it, although I felt the style was completley different to the other books. I was shoked by all the deaths, especially the one I thought I would not feel sorry for! The story is complete and I am satisfied that most of the questions have been answered. Thanks JKR !


Time Turners
Well Alz I will be sitting at your table to be served my crow I was truly convinced that two of your theories were wrond , I concede to your insight. I was sure I would be having two helpings when I finished chapter Thirty three, I was truly distraught to the point that I put the book down to process and found it hard to continue, but continue I did and with great relief I still feel that at least one of your theories is not true.

Sorry Piper. I thought it was okay to post contents of the book now that it has been released.
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well, finaly finished a few hours ago . . . not much time with 4 kids running around bothering you every 5 min.!

Hard to pick a favorite part, many many parts I loved! I will be eating my share of crow on one area, but will be dishing it out in others!:p I certainly shed my share of tears, but have to say I was only truly surprise twice.