voldermorts return/voldermort number 2

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being from the uk the first part of my post relats to the uk.

iv read many post one here or joke threads should i say eg jks actually aunt petunia its all real ect.. wed all love that

this is the most miserable summer we have had in ages, i feel the the dememtor s must be breeding.
nope just global warming i tell my self and shake it off.

then im sorry, but a bridge collapses in the us. er hello, does this really not take you back to 'the other minister'

(My thoughts are with those at the collapsed bridge)


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Ok when I heard a bridge had collapsed, the FIRST thing I thought of was that scene with 'the other minister' too....

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Well . . . I have to say, it's been verry foggy (misty?) this morning, and well . . . fog isn't exactly typical Oklahoma summer weather!

All I can say, is if it is getting that obvious for us muggles, surely the Wizards are on top of it right?


Time Turners
at least im not the only one who thought of dark magic when i heard of the bridge collapsing! it was a mysterious collapse wasn't it, they ruled out terrorism though


Time Turners
It wasn't terrorism with the bridge, just another case of our crumbling infrastructure. Like the steam pipe that blew up in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago that had been in place since the 1920s. And of course with the Levy in New Orleans.

At this point, I think we would be better off it is all really true, and there is an OotP coming to save us, an evil dark lord seems an easier thing to get defeated than our own corrupt system of government, where more people get paid off every minute, and you don't even know if it's safe to eat the Peanut Butter or drive across a bridge anymore:)


Sherbet Lemon
True words Piper.....

Me and my wife were just talking about this. We went to the mall of america in Minnesotta 4 months back, to participate in a cooking competition. We roamed around and passed the bridge many times. Now looking back, it really feels scary. I applaud those who survived and helped others.

I am so glad that they had more survivors than victims on that bridge case.
My prayers and thoughts go to the families of the effected. It is very sad.

I think the bad practices are getting out of hands. People should be made accountable for this kind of disasters.
I hope they take actions against the responsible party.

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I just realised - Harry, Hermione and Ron are terrorists in DH - living in hidden bunkers, deep undercover, plotting the demise of the official government...


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Of course I do not believe they were terrorists, but then again, I do not believe that a lot of people who have been defined as terrorist in this 'war on terror' were either.


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hah, but there is really no denying the politics in harry potter...
as for the trio being terrorists i say no, 'terrorists' like the name means they are trying to bring terror, which they didnt, revolutionaries maybe, like zorro or robin hood