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what did u get


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Morfin Gaunt

dumbledores army
so guys what did u all get, i wanted to start a poll too but i dont no how, so if some one cud

I actually got an OUTSTANDING! , it says i should apply for a teaching post at hogwarts. hmmmm maybe i will !!!
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I got Exceeds Expectations! I was quite happy with that!

Mine award says the Ministry wants me to come work for them. I would love to be an auror or maybe work for the Dept. of Mysteries!


Time Turners
HA! I got poor lol
Thats the first one I have ever taken.
"you should take a kwikspell course"
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Sir Cadogan

Noble Heart, Steely Sinew
Congrats, Morfin! :)
I got "Exceeds Expectations", like Seeker. I'm quite pleased with that - and it's a nice certificate. The quality of the print is really good.


Time Turners
You all are doing sooooo well. I can't check my results. I am away from my usual computer and don't have my student number to get my results. I will have to wait until after holiday time.


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I got an outstanding. Actually I can't believe it because I took the test in about 5 min. I just marked the first answer that came to my mind without really even thinking.

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
I'm so happy! I got Exceeds Expectations! I didn't get to do the first two . . . Does anyone know if you can go back if you missed them? . . . Like Paintball, I thought I must have missed something because I finished quickly and others said it took them nearly the whole time. Love the certificate! I'll have to find a frame now!


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Got an Outstanding. It's so stupid because I'm so proud. I'm a dork! I think I'll print this one.

I'm feeling good about my understanding of the books since I got "O" on test 1 and "E" on test 2. I wish I had my answers. Oh well. I figured I'd be happy with a "P".


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I got an outstanding. I was pleased that I did so well. I never took the other 2 and wonder if there is a way to do so. Also is there a way to see what you missed?


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I also got outstanding and have printed the certificate. I was quit shocked and very nervous I had though I did horrible. I actually went back through all my answers after I had finished to double check that I had read the questions correctly. (maybe I'm more like Hermione then I thought)

I wish I could see the test to know what answers I got correct and what ones I
got wrong.


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exceeeds expectations, apparently i should apply to work at the ministry of magic. funny how the outstandings should apply for hogwarts when some of the people they have hired are not exactly that.
for all the people who got outstandings, what do you think you answered differently?

Sirius Potter Fan

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Well, MB, we're in the same boat . . . but of course . . . the test was extremely biased . . . You and I would certainly have been at the top of the class if there had been questions relating to wizard music!!!!:p


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Congrats to you all - I didnt get to take it which means I get a 'Troll' score :(
I am sad I missed the last test :(