What else have we missed?

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Happy Hannah said:
and we also saw the first use of Sectumsempra! wow, the things we miss so easily

OotP said:
"But too late; Snape had directed his wand straight at James; there was a flash of light and a gash appeared on the side of James's face, spattering his robes with blood. James whirled about: a second flash of light later, Snape was hanging upside-down in the air, his robes falling over his head to reveal skinny, pallid legs and a pair of greying underpants."

I had also missed that untill I looked it up to see if James did the levicorpus spell verbaly or non. but even though I have re-read OotP twice since reading HBP, I didn't catch the first use of sectumsempra till I looked for that quote. So . . . are we missing still more key hints from HBP as well as the other books?

It seems that when we re-read, we kind of skim over the familiar parts because we think we remember exactly what happened, but maybe . . .

JKR has said we should know exactly what one of the unidentified Horcruxes is and where it is what have we missed?


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i bet its the tiara and its in the room of requirement. its the only thing that comes to mind, guess we'll find out soon enough though!