What happened to the Dursleys?...


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I wondered about that, too. The last we heard the Order was moving them into hiding and the little bit in Snape's Pensieve memory about Petunia and Lilly and nothing at the end. I would have thought they deserved at least a mention.

But there was a lot of info to cram into the number of pages.


I really wish that Harry had ran into at least Dudley again. He never even saw Dedalus or Hestia again, who would have at least mentioned something.

Although we did learn a bit more about Petunia [her "correspondence" with Dumbledore], I wish we'd gotten a look into HER memory. That sure would have been interesting.


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The whole Dursley's thing stumped me because I thought Harry was just going to make a brief visit there and it seemed as though he had been there waiting until his Birthday for a good while. I was really surprised there wasn't something about them in the end atleast. I half expected a trap with Harry going in and saving the Dursleys.

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I'm not surprised they weren't mentioned, however like its been said before, I thought a brief mention of Harry visiting Dudley might have happened in the Epilogue, but oh well. It doesn't break my heart that we'll never hear from the Dursleys again. ;)


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I think this is one of the few things we'll have to speculate about. Since they were with aurors... they'll probably be safe. Also Dudley's kind words and Aunt Petunia's reluctance to say something to him during their departure should tell us that they're might have been future speculation. They might have liked Harry somewhat after all.


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Did one of the aurors travelling with the Dursleys not get killed though? Or was that somebody else? There are just so many characters to remember!
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p.s. I thought what Dudley said to Harry was really sweet, bless him :)


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Not sure if this was ever answered, but did we ever get to a stopping point on speculation over Lily/Petunia/Narcissa being somehow related? Note the "flowery" names...and then little Rose throws another one in there. Probably JKR just loved her flora. ;)

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I too expected to see the Dursleys at the end, it wasn't what I expected, and much shorter than I expcted the "what happend later" chapter to be, thouht we would hear about most of the characters, not just the central ones. I think there will have to be much more to tell in the future!
They left with aurors, and then the ministry fell a few weeks later.. Were those aurors affected? Would big V know where they were? If JKR wanted the sense of loss to truely permeate this book, she should have shown Voldemort interogating them, and let Harry see that like he saw everything else Voldemort was doing. I, and many other Dursley haters would LOVE to have read that chapter... I can only hope that someway, somehow, Uncle Vernon eventually felt the cruciatis..


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I would rather have seen Petunia and Dudley trully make peace with Harry as Dudley was starting to in the beginning of the book. I can just see how horrified Uncle Vernon would be -- turning purple, pulling at his mustache and hair and sputtering "but Petunia..." Or maybe Dudley having a magical child and coming to Harry for help.
In JKR's questions answered she says the dementors made Dudley see himself for what he trully was and this started a transformation of Dudley.


I am sure they are probably fine. Voldemort knew that Harry was not there with them so he probably didn't even bother them after they were hidden.

I would have liked to seen what they were like 19 years later though.

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I have a feeling that Dudley turned out to be a pretty good guy, maybe even had a magical child, and/or . . . much to Petunia and Vernon's horror, married a witch!