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I posed this question in another thread, but I think it fits here better. What exactly would have happened to Voldemort's original piece of soul left floating around vapor-like if Tom Riddles diary had accomplished what it intended to accomplish in coming into power 100%. Could there have potentially been TWO Voldemorts!?


Time Turners
I think the more powerful and older Voldemort would have found some way to absorb the diary Voldemort/Riddle. The younger, though powerful would not have been a match for the older Voldemort, yet he probably had more of the soul than the older one. His horcrux was the first one split and I assume that the soul in Voldemort became smaller with each horcrux made.

Dr Winterbourne

Time Turners
Perhaps the vapourous Voldemort could have 'possessed' his own, younger body, and then the souls would re-unite in some way... If, then the two soul-fragments would live in the one frame, and share the control of the body, exerting an influence over the other self, or personality fragment.

There would be matters they agreed upon, but the older spirit would probably try to exert fuller control - however, as said, the diary's fragment would be more whole, more stable, and less (relatively) inured with evil, and possible thus stronger in some way.


I think he would have found someway around being separated, although we know he sure wouldn't have been able to reconnect the 2 Horcruxes since he is totally devoid of any remorse..

I think the diary Riddle would have gone searching for Voldemort and helped to return him to power, and then turned back into the bit of the Horcrux residing in the diary once he was no longer needed. We do know that the diary Riddle could grow stronger - I wonder if theres any way of reversing that..