What was She howling about? (Speculative Spoiler)


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In Her interview with Jonathan Ross the other day, when asked if She cried while writing the end of DH, JKR said that She "absolutely howled" after completing one of the chapters "near the end". She was so distraught that She took a mini-champagne bottle from the mini-bar and downed it, and went home with mascara smeared all over Her face. So, what was She howling about? What was so upsetting NEAR the end of the book? I don't think this was merely the end of the series. I think She killed off someone very close to Her heart. So, who? I am quite sure it has to be one of the Big Three. I'd put money on Hermione, based on Her reaction.
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Could be, she kills off two people isn't that the confirmed number? But you never know with JKR. Could just be the cat:)


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she said in her interview that it was a blood bath and then retracted that. She spoke of killing off many people - said that two had been allowed to live that were supposed to die. So I think she was bawling because of the sadness of the destruction of the final battle. Still doesn't tell us who dies. I simply can't imagine her killing off any of the trio but it must be.


I think she is close to all her characters. It could be anyone. I would think Molly would be a big one as she is a mom herself. I hope the trio stays intact.

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I would have to say, I don't think it involved a death, more something else happened that was upsetting to write. ( Harry saw his parent's again but could not stay with them...or something).

Hagrid will fight to protect Harry, and die in the attempt.:( I can feel the tears already.....

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Terry Pratchett once wrote something cute about the use of multiple punctuation signs.
Well, get a grip. It could well be that JKR cried from exhaustion and because of realizing that the whole series has come to an end, not for grief about a character's death. It doesn't have to be linked to any death at all.

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I think it may well be a death . . . We know major characters will die, and I don't think that there are any that I wouldn't be quite upset to see gone. And to think . . . all these characters are in a very real way her children; she created them and made them who they are, she knows every detail about them that exists. How could you not wail especially when you have to kill them to make the story right. I can't think that she would carelessly or randomly kill any of the characters; all deaths will serve a purpose. I understand how she feels. I play "the Sims 2" and I accidentaly killed one of my characters that I had "raised" from a baby alien . . . I bawled like a baby because I couldn't undo it. (still feel sad and that was more than 2 years ago!)

I think I'll buy a special box of tissure to go with the book!

As far as who I think it may be . . . I hate thinking it, and I think that is why she had such a hard time doing it . . . Lupin. Harry's last true adult ally. She gave the poor guy a hard lot in life, being made a warewolf as a child, living with the secret and perceived shame, being given a chance at a semi normal life and education at Hogwarts, but then to be "found out", never able to get or keep a job, loves Harry as family. When all this Voldemort stuff is over, he and Harry could hang out, give Harry a bit of a family life, but not now, JKR kills him . . . What a cruel fate, enough to make any reader or author cry!


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She did the same thing, cry, I mean, when she killed off Dumbledore. It seems she will be killing off another character she likes. My bet is Hagrid.


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In anything you do, when you pour your heart and soul into it as JKR obviously has, it is not easy to "part with it". Writing the HP series has taken JKR from relative obscurity to the richest author ever. Not that it's about the money, but JKR has created an entirely new world for all of us (and herself). The HP series of books is almost a living entity to so many people, It's almost like a muggle like me could board a plane, land in London and go to Kings Cross on September 1st and watch the cloaked witches and wizards arrive to put their children on the train.

It's easy to see why the prospect of ending the series would make JKR cry. I'm am almost certain that no matter how the series ends, it will bring me to tears to know that no more HP books/stories are forthcoming. She has literally created a dream world for all of us. Look at this web-site, we are all OBSESSED with the world she created. I'll bet a lot of people will cry when this dreamworld is finalized in book 7.

She may have cried about the death of a character or two, but it would be easy to see why she (and any of us) would cry when putting the final touches on a modern masterpiece and seeing the life and following it has created, come to an end. In years to come, people will look back on the HP series and the effect that it had on people like us and study it in literature and psychology classes alike. This HP phenominon is truly like nothing I (we) have ever experienced nor may we ever again.

Perhaps JKR is like a mother who cries after watching her child, her baby, grow up and go off to college by himself. The mere fact that she shed tears should come as no surprise and while we may try to read into JKR's every move, we should keep in mind that she is an artist and artists who have spent...what?...10 years or more on such a living and breathing masterpiece like HP will be bound to be connected to it at the heart. I don't think we should look too deeply into the fact that she cried toward the end.

This being said, yes I believe some sacrifices will certainly be made in DH/HP7. I have my own theories on how things will end but I will be sad when (as is bound to happen) people are inevitably "let down" by what happens in 7. The last episode of Sienfeld, MASH, and all of the things that are so looked forward to by a culture are generally met with mixed results.


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I can't imagine that she could (even if it were her initial intent from book 1) to kill off Harry. People will die in #7 - I have no question but the HP series has taken on a life of it's own and while still JKR's intellectual property, she is smart enough to know that to kill off Harry after creating an actual CULTURE, would cause the clinical depression rate among HP fans to double.

People imagine being in Harry's world. Children know Harry, Ron and Hermione as friends, they have been shown this beautiful world and life of the HP series and JKR knows that to allow Harry to die would crush the hearts of millions of kids (and adults) around the world. JKR isn't an evil person, she won't let EVIL prevail in DH/HP7...there are so many similies infused into her art and reference to actual life and contemporary culture that to kill HP and let Voldemort live would be quite a fatalistic statement on the future of our society. She has gone on and on in her books about the power of love. Our Love of Harry and his world isn't lost on JKR. Harry is the most recognizable character in modern literature history and perhaps the ENTIRE history of literature (aside from God and Jesus who are arguably introduced and kept alive to the religious in the Bible).

If Harry DOES die in the book, how crushed will YOU be?


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i will absolutely DROWN in my own tears if fred or george or both die. hagrid would also be very sad. i want lupin to be cured, but i think he should kill greyback. i mean really if anyone died it would be sad. draco i think has been set up to do a heroic act before the end of DH, so if he died i think it would still be sad. i think i would even howl if voldemort died, he is such a complex and great character.
if harry dies, it would have to depend on the nature of his death. i dont really mind anymore. i think i would howl also when i finish it, just because it would all be over. i mean this has taken up 9 years of my life, since i was 11 i have felt like i know these characters.
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jkr said in an interview before that 3 was going to go but she saved one , can jkr really kill a child ??? i still think harry will have to sacrifice himself but a new thery , what if harry loses his powers in the end he fights voldemort & loses them . what if it's only the baddies that die voldemort & snape are main characters what if were looking at this the wrong way.


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just remembered jkr said in an interview that she didn't want any one else to carry on her books ,so will this mean the end for harry .to be honest he's had a rotton life every year had to deal with somthing she has to give him a happy ending , if she dont shes cruel. poor boy suffered enough .


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OK - here is my guesses - I think all the below will die during book 7

- Hagrid
- Molly Weasley
- Neville Longbottom
- Harry Potter
- Tom Riddle/Voldemort

I can see JKR weeping buckets over any of the first three and even the last two - yep even Voldemort ... remember, this is the end of the Potter series to her and the realization she was penning the last few chapters ... I think that would make her cry!