What/Who does Luna Lovegood represent?


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We were just watching a show on the telly about the Harry Potter series and they trotted out several clips from the Order of the Phoenix movie. Maybe I'm a bit of a dolt, but it just struck me that Luna's last name captures what could be the overarching theme of the book series: Love (is) Good. This, of course, is in conflict with Voldemort's alternative theory.

Luna seems to have insights and a self-assuredness that puts her on a slightly higher plane than the other characters. Could she be the manifestation of a character representing JK Rowling herself? I think I'm going to have to go back and pay more attention to what Luna has said and look for deeper meanings.

Ideas anyone?

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Well spotted, gbogbo! I never considered Luna's name from that angle, but you're right.
I agree that Luna is a model of patience and balance, she is full of optimism. For one, I recall her equanimous reply to Harry's question what she wanted to do about those missing school things of hers that obnoxious classmates had hidden in order to taunt her: "Oh, they always turn up in the end" (or something to that effect).

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A very good catch gbogbo!!! I really hadn't thought about her name at all, and you would think after all these years of looking carefully at all of the books, that I would have considered that at some point. Could it be that she plays a part in helping Harry to see a way to love Voldemort and that is what is needed to "destroy" him? Sigh . . . only one more week!


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What was interesting was that in the OoTP film - they put in the part about Luna's mum - in fact a whole scene dedicated to it ... given the hatchet job done on other parts of the book - this is relevant.
I still believe she is a link to a horcrux or Voldemort - her late introduction, her thrust into the limelight - he mum's strange death circumstances - the fact she is a living contradiction - dreamy and out of it but also insightful and truthful ... I have asked myself a great many times about what her role is - I think 7 will confirm her late intro - I still believe her Mum is the link, the part of the plot that makes the series

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Her name for me links her with Harry.

Voldemort, with his snake imagery, his shirking of death is the antithesis of a 'luna' hero like Harry.

A luna hero is one that dies, like the moon, and thus allows rebirth. Heroes like Osiris, Jesus, Orpheus. Luna Lovegood is accepting of the place that death has in the grand scheme. This type of 'luna' love - love that can accept its finite quality, is important. DD frequently comments, to Harry or Tom, about the okay-ness of dying. From the first book Harry has to shrug off sentimentality about his parents when he is addicted to the mirror, and shoulder acceptance that they are gone.

I guess, it seems obvious, but this style of luna love is good. She is a voice of honesty, except when she speaks rot.

I saw a documentary on Roswell conspiracy theories. They said the way to defuse a rumour is to publish accurate information from an unreliable source - I think JKR uses Luna, Trlawny, and sometimes Ron's wisecracks for this - to provide accurate information that we may not take seriously.
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I agree with Alz here, I think Luna Lovegoods role will have a late intro in the last book, and the name theory is perfect. Alz, I like the way you have pointed out that in the movie they did dedicate a whole scene to Luna Lovegood and the story about her parents. I think its funny how the whole movie went so fast yet they still had time to put in a story about Lunas mother. I'm guessing this will be very important to complete her story.

If JKR had "Love is good" in mind when she wrote the books I think there will definantly be a big event in the making. I love the way JKR just keeps us guessing. I guess we will find out in a few days. We all might be wrong.


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I always said that the late introduction of Luna was relevant - at the time before HBP I was sure it would be Harry's love interest, well we all know post HBP how that worked out, so we now have to look at what other relevance there was ... Luna's mum just screams relevance here.
I also still believe making Luna have little credibility - there is a contradiction which will become very relevant ...