Who was on duty?


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Why was nobody on duty?

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I cannot see a thread that covers it.
It seems that there was always a member of the Order on duty in the Department of Mysteries. Who was supposed to be on duty on the night that Harry and the others entered the Department?
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Re: Why was nobody on duty?

good question, my guess is a death eater who also worked at the ministry, as voldemort obviously hatched a plan amongst them to lure harry there

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Wow GB that is a realy good question, and, no . . . I don't believe we have discussed it before. I've just started my re-read of OotP this morning, (just finished GoF at 2:35am :p ) But my memory of previous readings doesn't bring up anyone mentioned as being there or supposed to be there. Yes, I do believe that the order had someone posted there at all times, unless they decided it was too dangerous after what happened with Arthur?

My guess, and that is all it is right now, is that whomever it was that was supposed to be there was distracted by a DE so the kids would get in unhindered . . . OK, probably not distracted, more likely just killed . . . I'm thinking . . . weren't we told later that an order member turned up missing afterward? . . . been too long, I can't remember properly. If it's there GB you'll find it!:)