Who will be the next headmaster?


the keepr of the Veil
I think JKR said Harry & Co were going to go back to Hogwarts for their NEWT studies, and pursue their careers. So.. who do you reckon is the next headmaster?

There's always McGonagall, but she never occurred to me as someone who would want to hold on to the position. She had a couple of times when she was put in charge, in CoS and at the end of HBP, but promptly gave it up to someone else.

So. who do you think?


I believe that JKR said it would probably be someone totally new, as McGonagall was starting to get a bit old.. but I do think she'd make a good headmistress. She certainly has what it takes to deal with mass chaos.

I guess they tend to bring in new headmasters / headmistresses instead of elevating one of the teachers to the post. Although I bet a lot of the professors probably don't want to leave their subjects or students..


Time Turners
I remember reading that the new headmaster/mistress would not be Mc Gonagall because she was getting on in years. I find this odd since Minerva is suppose to be 77 and Albus was around 150 and if Albus was made headmaster around 50 years ago he would have been around a 100 then, much older than Mc Gonagall currently. Maybe she didn't want to be headmistress.
How about Arthur Weasley, he"s someone who knows children( especially rule testing and breaking children) and loves Muggles so Muggle born students would have been made welcome. He would have been great! Obviously it would have been mentioned in the 19 years later section if he were headmaster but maybe in a transitional role to get the school back on its feet.