Why did the Resurection Stone work?

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A thought just occured to me . . . Harry uses the Resurection stone to bring back his parents, Sirius and Lupin as he walks into the forest, but why does it continue to work? The objects housing a horcrux must be destroyed to destroy the Horcrux, so if the stone was destroyed, and we know it was cracked, then how did it work for Harry?

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I think that if you destroy an object containing a horcrux - eg, the diadem - then the horcrux is destroyed. However, I don't know that it is necessary to destroy it to remove the soul fragment.

The diary, for example, has a hole in it, but it is not destroyed. I suppose the book absorbed the venom, and it targeted and killed the soul. I presume a similar thing happened to the stone - the venom in the blade killed the soul, but the enchantments that produce the other effects of the stone are not vulnerable to either sword-thrust nor venom. It scratched the surface, sure, but the stone appears to remain functional.

And doesn't it say that a horcrux is the opposite of human - the soul dies, but the body remains?
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I think if three brothers were able to create the three most powerful physical objects in the magical world, they would forsee fear in the ignorant and certainly protect something from physical damage. Maybe there's two now.