Why Didn't Hagrid Tell Someone?


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I was just thinking about how in CoS, when Hagrid is taken away, he says,

"If anyone wanted ter find some stuff , all they'd have ter do would be ter follow the spiders . That'd lead 'em right! That's all I'm sayin'."

We also find out that Aragog begged Hagrid to let him leave the school when he sense the beast in the Chamber. He says that Hagrid asked him many times to tell him what the beast was, but he refused as he never wanted to say its name.

Okay, so my question is, if Hagrid sent the boys down there, he must have known that Aragog would give them the information he did. So, why didn't he bring Dumbledore down there at some point? Why not give what information he did have to Dumbledore? Couldn't someone have figured out what creature a spider fears above all others?

Even if Hagrid didn't want to say where he got the information, he could have gone to Dumbledore or someone and asked given them what he had . . . it just seems strange that he never shared the information with anyone before, but then sends two young boys to Aragog, seemingly expecting them to figure it all out . . .
Didn't he say that when Dumbledore was present, at his arrest? So in a way he did say it to Dumbledore as well.

Did he connect the information? Perhpas he didn't tell Dumbledore because he didn't want to get into trouble, or maybe he didn't conect the beast with the Chamber. Hagrid knew that Aragog sensed a beats, but he didn't know where or what is was. Maybe he just made the conection then.


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i think, he must have told dd about it. otherwise how would dd trust him and make him stay as keeper.
secondly, i think, he has given the message only to the trio. not to dd. if i am not wrong, dd was also taken to the ministry........... but i am not too sure. i will have to check. :rolleyes:


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Okay, so I guess if Hagrid *did* tell Dumbledore about what the spider sensed was in the building, why didn't Dumbledore do something about it?? I mean, seriously, if you have all the information about the beast from Aragog, but just not the name, how difficult would it be to get some of those smart professors together and figure out it was a basilisk? And then go back to the place where the girl died and thoroughly search it?

Now, what is interesting to think about as well is that, while it is possible that they could have cut through the sink and exposed the pipes underneath and not needed a Parselmouth to open it for them, could they have made it into the Chamber itself without a Parselmouth? I'm sure the door had some sort of magical properties surrounding it that would have made it very difficult . . .
I think they needed a Parselmouth, the heir of slytherin would have been the only one able to get in. That means Voldemort, and now since he transfered his gift into Harry, Harry can.

I don't know if Dumbledore made that connection. One of Hermione's most useful contributions is her wide bases of fact knowledge and her brain's ability to make conections. I don't know if Dumbledore would have seen that.


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Okay, so here's where I'm going here - if Hagrid had told Dumbledore about what Aragog said/heard/felt, and Dumbledore had taken some precautions, they probably could have found the entrance to the Chamber - even if they could open it. And then, when the news flies around the school that Harry is a Parselmouth, why not bring him in and see what he can do?

Even if Dumbledore couldn't figure it out on his own, doesn't he owe it to the children of the school to enlist the help of other knowledgeable people such as the other professors? Couldn't the group of them have figured it out?

Plus, they were all so eager to talk to the Petrified people to see if one of them could say who had done the Petrifying . . . why hadn't anyone talked to Moaning Myrtle about how she died??? Just seems like a huge oversight on the part of the professors . . . I suppose it wouldn't have made for a good novel, but still, it bugs me. :D


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I highly doubt that Hagrid told Dumbledore about Aragog. He wanted him to remain safe, as monsterous creatures are what he cares for most, and he would have wanted him to be free. Also, if Dumbledore had found out that it was an Acromantula that Hagrid was keeping as a pet, he would have known that it couldn't have been the monster that was petrifying, and finally killed Moaning Myrtle, and Hagrid would never have been expelled or had his wand broken in the first place. I don't think that if Dumbledore knew what Hagrid was keeping there, he would have gotten anything other than a slap on the wrist, so most logic points to that he didn't tell Dumbledore ...


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And that raises the question again of why he didn't tell anyone??? And I'm not just talking about in the past, but when the Petrified students started showing up again. Why didn't he say something then? It's just suspicious to me that he knew something and didn't share it when it could have saved some students . . .


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I think Hagrid just didn't want to get into trouble. At school, he would have been expelled any way, for having Aragog, and even arrested, as I am sure it was illegal to have an Acromantula (sp?) at the school (or at all). And when it was opened again, Hagrid could still be arrested and sent to Azkaban, and he did not want that.
I don't think Dumbledore knew about Aragog, because he would have made Hagrid get rid of him. We saww this with Norbert.
Hagrid is a shy man, and not willing to get himself into too much trouble when he doesn't think it is necessary.

I just had a thought...Dumbledore might be keeping Hagrid on, knowing what he is like with secrets...part of his plan...I'll continue this on that thread....


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Actually I am seeing this now ...
Dumbledore was around when the first attack took place - so was Hagrid.
So both of them knew the signs - not like people get petrified all the time right :rolleyes:
So when 50 years later history repeated - why didnt Hagrid go see Aragog (Dude said Hagrid was free to come and go from his place) and why didnt Dumbledore figure out what was going on and react earlier?
I think there was a delay in reaction from both these characters - now I know this was needed to allows the story - but still you have to keep the characters plausible and the storyline constant :)


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first of all, i agree with Meri, that they were needing a parselmouth but then the question asked by Boingy. if there was the delay, as said by Blaise, then why was that?
was it just to make the story or there was some reason for it?
if we again come to dd's plan, was it a part of it too?
was he checking the abilities of HP?
but i cannot support this theory, because i think it as a coincident for the trio to get the clues and then they worked it out.
so what??? :confused:


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ok, i think dumbledore knew that the creature in the chamber was a basilisk, because i believe that hagrid would have told dumbledore about aragog when the attacks started again (if not sooner). i also believe dumbledore knew aragog was in the forbidden forest, and that dumbledore had talked with him (if hagrid knew the acromantula's would kill harry and ron, do u think he would have sent them to see aragog? i think he had already brought dumbledore, and since dumbledore was with hagrid, the acromantula's didnt attack, so i think hagrid assumed that if aragog knew that harry and ron were hagrid's friends, then they would be safe) i believe that dumbledore never said that the creature in the chamber was a basilisk because he didnt want the school to be shut down (could this be a part of his screaming in the cave in HBP?) and i also dont think dumbledore knew where the chambers entrance was because i am pretty sure he would have taken harry to the entrance to open up the chamber so that he (dumbledore) could go into the chamber and defeat the basilisk. (dumbledore knows that harry is a parselmouth). i also like to think of dumbledore being a Hermione-like character: very smart, creative and knowing many many many things.


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An interesting thread this, I have not seen it before.
I think the first thing is that at the time of the death of Myrtle Dumbledore was not headmaster. It seemed that headmaster Dippet just wanted a solution to the problem whether to right person was caught or not. I do not think that Dumbledore ever thought that Hagrid was ever the responsible person. Dumbledore and Dippet don’t seem to have always been in agreement. There were certainly differences over Tom Riddle.
I do not think that Hagrid had ever taken Dumbledore to see Aragog because Aragog says "Hagrid has never sent men into our hollow before,"
Additionally Riddle says “It was my word against Hagrid's, Harry. Well, you can imagine how it looked to old Armando Dippet. On the one hand, Tom Riddle, poor but brilliant, parentless but so brave, school prefect, model student ...on the other hand, big, blundering Hagrid, in trouble every other week, trying to raise werewolf cubs under his bed, sneaking off to the Forbidden Forest to wrestle trolls.”
If Dippet would not believe Hagrid I doubt his case would have been improved by producing a talking spider as the chief witness for the defence.
What does interest me is that Binns, who would have been teaching at Hogwarts at the time of the the first opening of the Chamber, denies that there was any evidence of a Chamber of Secrets.


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aragog says that hagrid has never SENT anyone to his lair, that doesnt mean that hagrid has never BROUGHT a person into his lair. though you do make a good argument that Dippit and Dumbledore did disagree on certain issues, like Tom Riddle for one.


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I am sure that had Dumbledore known about Aragog he would have been able to get the information about the basilisk out of him by some means or other. He did get memories from house elves, talk to mer people, get Umbridge back from the Centaurs etc. afterall.