Will Harry die?

Will Harry Die? (Not what you want but what you think!!)

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Padma Patil

Dumbledore's Girl
Hmm, I kind of like the idea of Harry becoming Headmaster. Though I don't think he will; too many painfull memories about Dumbledore.

Harry really does want to become an auror, but I don't know if he will be able to do that either, mainly because of how he does in potions. Its obvious that he doesn't know much about the subject and the only way he passed before was because of Hermione.


Wingardium Leviosa
I like the idea of Harry becoming a headmaster too - I mean, he was pretty good at teaching when he was teaching everyone in the DA. Also, as much as I would like to see Harry fulfil his dream of becoming an Auror - he probably wouldn't be too happy working for the Ministry.

Also, my vote is Harry won't die - I want him to stay alive too much to vote otherwise :)


Time Turners
I have always been convinced, and so I am now, that Harry will survive. Don't forget that Harry Potter books are written for children, so they are supposed to teach them something: that good always vanquish the evil. At least it's a presumption ;) .
So I don't think that Jo would decide to kill the main good charaker. The good just have to triumph over the evil and Harry, who has suffered a lot and who has had to endure horrible losses, at last will be rewarded for his sacrifices.
Maybe it's a little naive, but that's what I think :)

secret seeker

The Half Blood Prince
Just found this while re-reading Philosophers stone again, I think it adds weight to support the theory of " Harry dying in book 7 ";
Chapter 15, page 187/88, "The forbidden forest" ;

" Do you realise who this is? said Firenze. " This is the Potter boy. The quicker he leaves this Forest, the better."
" What have you been telling him?" growled Bane. " Remember, Firenze, we are sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens. Have we not read what is to come in the movement of the planets?".

And furthur on......
Harry slid off his ( Firenze's ) back.
" Good luck, Harry potter," said Firenze. " The planets have been read wrongly before now, even by centaurs. I hope this is one of those times."

And also.......
" Firenze saved me, but he shouldn't have done......Bane was furious..he was talking about interfering with what the planets say is going to happen....They must show that Voldemort is coming back....Bane thinks Firenze should have let Voldemort kill me......I suppose thats written in the stars as well."

Not exactly conclusive proof, but very strong evedence that something will or should have happened to Harry. What do you think??......:eek:


Time Turners
i agree!! thts exactly the bits tht convince me harry will die, also ties in with what jkr sed about planning the end from the first book. the clues are there!

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
Well I'm still not convinced yet . . . and I'm hoping that I won't have to be, but since the release of the title of #7 the Deathly Hollows . . . Bookies are saying the the majority of bets are that Harry will die. I guess my feeling is just when . . . I mean we all die, and JKR has said that the book will end with stories of what eventualy happens with the major characters, so even if she ends with him at 178 years old when he dies peacefuly, does that count as Harry dying???

Sir Cadogan

Noble Heart, Steely Sinew
No matter what the planets say (since when have Harry-Potter-Fans been on the side of Bane of all creatures?) - Harry is THE BOY WHO LIVED.
So what sense would it make to turn that into "The Boy Who Lived and Died"?
And if you call an ending where Harry survives phony or sugary sweet - I'd call an ending where he dies sacrificing himself a superflous remake of the bible (or of "Lord of the Rings", depending on your ideological leanings).
I'd rather have a sweet ending than an awful one.


Time Turners
I'm with Andromeda. Ultimately these are childrens books, They have come to love and idolize Harry and I don't think JKR will be willing to kill off their hero, for moral goodness or shock value. As adults we understand the sacrifice but as a child they would be crushed she risks them never wanting to read her books again.
My son still gets upset when we watch the movies because he knows Dumbledore died. He has tried to even do magic like Harry, I hate to think what saddness would overcome him if Harry died!


Time Turners
"Soledad O'Brien: I'm going to pose the final question to you and I'd like all three of you to take a stab at it. You can do it in any order that you would like. If you were to have dinner with any five characters from any of your books -- take a moment to think about it -- who would you invite, and why would they be on your list? Any order.
John Irving: You go (referring to JK Rowling).
JK Rowling: Well I'd take Harry, to apologize to him (crowd laughs). Um, I'd have to take Harry, Ron and Hermione.
Stephen King: Sure.
JK Rowling: I would - this is - (crown shouts suggestions).
Stephen King: Hagrid, take Hagrid.
JK Rowling: See, I know who's actually dead.
Stephen King: Pretend you can take them anyways.
JK Rowling: Pretend I can take anyone? Well then I would definitely take Dumbledore. I'd take Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, Hermione...and.. (crowd shouts characters) um, Hagrid. I'd take Hagrid, yeah. And Owen because he wouldn't take up much space (crowd laughs)."
An Evening with Harry, Carrie and Garp:
Readings and questions #2, August 2, 2006
From Joanna's lips. The trio lives. Harry lives.

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
Yes I had caught that one too, perhaps a bit of a "slip" for her the way it came out, not a guarentee since she was a bit off her guard though, but I think promising. Also, something I thought of over the weekend. Everyone knows the parallels between HP and LotR, and well . . . FRODO LIVES!


Sherbet Lemon
Everyone knows the parallels between HP and LotR, and well . . . FRODO LIVES!

Only to tell Samwise at the end, that the Shire was saved. But not for him. He must now leave for white shores with elves.
Harry will save the world by killing Voldemort, but will have to somehow sacrifice himself in a deadly manner. *leave with grace*, as one would put it.
I think JKR didnt really mean who die in all books. I think what JKR meant was, those who are already dead, cant be invited for dinner. :D

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
No, actualy I don't think she was refering to books already out, because she acted as if she were the only one who knew who was alive or dead, she had already said earlier that Dumbledore was dead, so she was indeed trying at first to only invite the "living" when she listed the trio, that's why she said after they said she could invite anyone, "Well then I would definately take Dumbledore"

I think the death she was trying not to give away was Hagrid's. Notice that she said "See, I know who's actualy dead" only after SK beggs her to take Hagrid.


Sherbet Lemon
You know, you definitely have a point there.
I would say, I agree with you, then.
I just had that feeling, because JKR usually plays clever, and doesnt let anything slip. If that was a little slip, I guess it will turn out to be a big one.


Time Turners
As much as I hate this new thought I have had, I think Harry just might die in book 7. It occured to me that so far the only people besides Lupin,who have called Voldemort by the name Voldemort are both dead this being Sirius and Dumbledore I hope this is not a connection! because if it is Harry and Lupin might be next.
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Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
Actually several dare to speak the name Voldemort . . .

Dumbledore of course calls him by name begining in PS/SS
McGonagal calls him by Voldemort in PS/SS pages 8 & 9 (only because told to by DD)
Hagrid Calls him by name PS/SS Page 42 (on Harry's insistance)
Harry PS/SS page 79 and many more throughout the series
Quirrel PS/SS page 233
Lupin PoA page 127
Sirius PoA page 308
Peter Pettigrew PoA Page 309
Mr. Crouch (sr.) GoF Page 383
Barty Crouch Jr. (as Moody) GoF page 435
Cornelieus Fudge GoF page 455
Mad Eye Moody OotP page 147
Hermionie OotP page 278
Draco Malfoy OotP page 711
Ginny Weasley HBP near the end

of the 15 on the list 5 are now dead . . . I can see that there may be something to this . . . but that will be cause for a bloody book indeed! That would take us from 1-2 deaths a book to 10! But I must point out that Cedric died without having said Voldemort's name . . . if he had . . . then that would be a realy compelling theory!


Time Turners
I'm restating what's already been said. JKR is a children's author, and this is, when all is said and done, a series of children's books. I know that this statement is a bit over simplified, after all these books have done more to encourage the youth of the world to read than any other work. She is a genius who very obviously cares very much about her art, and the children who read it. Killing Harry would be too heartbreaking for too many millions of young readers. However, I would have a hard time wiping the smirk off of my face if a certain red-headed lad finaly got what has been coming to him.


It is interesting that they on the whole are children's books. I think JK intended the kids to grow with the series. ex- a child may have started reading the first book at age eleven and as the books came out Harry has been growing up as well as the child who started reading them. You notice over the course of the series the books have gotten darker as well as longer. I would say on a whole the books are more aimed at 13-17 year olds instead of the younger set. (and of course us grown-ups who love them too!)

That said I could see Harry dying in the end though I don't think he will.... (or I hoping he won't)


Time Turners
I hope JKR does not kill off Harry but I believe she will because heroes have to be willing to give up their lives for others. I agree that she should remember that her main readers are children and while they enjoy the darkness and majic she has in her books, they want happy endings. They want to know that if you do the right thing, it will turn out all right in the end. My son reads these books and if Harry dies he probably would think twice about reading another series of JKR. She should keep that in mind as well. Not that she is worried about selling books.

Sirius Potter Fan

Night Patroll
I have believed all along as I have said before, that Harry will not die. Or . . . let me be more specific . . . Harry will not die in the battle with Voldemort. JKR can "kill him off" by concluding the book . . . " After 50 years as Headmaster at Hogwarts, Harry potter died at the young age of 187" So in essence, he dies, but, all that lives, dies, so he would in one way or the other. So the answer is if he will die batteling Voldemort. I have to say no, based on the same logic presented above, that Harry Potter is primarily a children's book, and as evidenced by this website, those of us adult fans, are far outnumbered by teens and preteens and children. And, you don't kill a children's hero.


Time Turners
I mean, I understand that logic, but didn't JKR say a while ago that she has known how the books were going to end for some years now... if that is indeed the case, she very well could have decided Harry was going to die before the book had this huge following. Though I hope Harry doesn't die, I have to ask myself how she would find a closure good enough for people not to pester her about writing another harry potter book without killing him in some way.