Will he/Won't he. . . *Spoiler*

Will or Won't Harry kill Voldemort when the time is at hand?

  • Harry won't hesitate to use AK on the ruthless killer.

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  • Harry can not kill, there will be another way to Voldemort's demise.

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  • I don't really know just yet what I think.

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At the top of the astronomy tower, we see Draco, his wand in hand, pointed at Dumbledore. He could have been the hero (dark hero that is) then and there, but he just could't do it.

It is quite likely that Harry will find himself in the true mirror immage of that situation. Voldemort injured, just Riddle and Harry face to face, Harry's wand aimed right at Riddle's heart. . . Will he? Won't he? Why?


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I don't think he will.
Mainly because he is the good guy, (I know this isn't going to come out right) and to kill Voldemort would make him as bad as him.
Dumbledore said, there is a worse fate than death, and I believe this is how Voldemort's demise will come about. Whether it involves the contents of the locked DoM room, or sending him back to the spirit he was, I don't know.

My other thought is that Harry won't have to use the AK, because he is merely destroying the last Horcrux when it comes down to it. To use the AK is to kill a *ahem* person, but to destroy a Horcrux is something different. It'll just be another object to Harry...
except for the fact this man is responsible for the deaths of so many of Harry's loved ones...but I feel if he uses that anger when trying to defeat Voldemort, he will fail. I think it will take the love for those people, his love for the living, a love for his own life and his devotion to Dumbledore (who we know was the epitomy of goodness) to win.
This is a great topic. It is very likely that Harry will find himself in this situation and I agree with Kashlie that Harry probably wont be able to find it in himself to kill Voldemort with a wand. I mean, he showed mercy with Wormtail, didn't he? That doesn't mean that Harry wont ultimatly destroy him, however. I dont think there is any way Harry could find and eliminate all the Horcruxes himself, (especially in one book) he will probably get help from people in the Order and the DA. It would be great if Snape helped with finding some of them later on, proving that his loyalty is indeed with the Order... but thats a whole other post in itself.


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Harry has no experience with the Unforgivable Curses - I don't know if he could pull one off - one meant to kill anyway. I think as much anger and hate that Harry feels for both Snape and Voldemort, it's still not enough to bring him the ability to use the Avada Kadavra to kill. It's the same as Dumbledore in book 1 - McGonagall told Dumbledore he was too honourable to use the same magic that Voldemort used. I think the same thing goes for Harry.
Oh! I got it! What if Harry destroys Voldemort, by showing him love? Perhaps when Voldemort is mortal and weakened from dueling, HArry will show him love. This could destroy Voldemort.


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yup. like you know how Quirrell couldn't stand touching Harry in PoS? I think it would come to that. At the end, when Harry confronts him, he would feel sympathetic and even love towards Voldemort, and Voldemort, with his souls torn and shaken, will be at last put to rest forever! :D


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Yes, love could well be the secret weapon in Harry's armoury... :)
But, he KNOW'S that he HAS to destroy Voldemort; not out of revenge, but for the sake of both Wizarding, and Muggle worlds. If Harry doesn't kill or destroy Voldemort, then he knows that it's only a matter of time before before Voldemort kills him....and once Harry is dead, the Prophecy comes to fruition, and Voldemort is free of his greatest threat and opponent, and will wreak whatever terrors he wants onto the worlds....
I don't want to see Harry become a 'killer', I like the compasionate side of him, but one way or another, he has to attempt to bring down Voldemort....maybe it would come down again to a rebounding AvadaKedavra curse that finally rids everyone of Voldemort....maybe chanelled back through Harry's wand; we know that there is a bond between the two wands here, so maybe Harry's 'good' wand will destroy it's brother, and in doing so, take out it's owner too! That would allow for Harry to kill Voldemort, without 'actually' killing him!
Probably wrong of course, but we've seen the two wands fighting before, and it seems natural for them to have a bit more to play in all of this!


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I think for JKR to have Harry as a killer makes him no better than the person he defeated - as someone keeps posting from Slughorn - killing someone rips the soul ...
I think that Harry will use something else that will lead to Voldemort's demise - but he wont be directly responsible ..
Afterall this is still a childs book series - JKR would like to take the moral ground and show that killing wasnt required and indeed Harry was smarter than that and employed 'X' instead to bring about Voldemort's downfall ...
I dont doubt Harry has it in his to kill - and I think Snape will push him very close - but I really think that Harry wont be reduced to what it is he is seeking to destroy ..


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Blaise said:
Afterall this is still a childs book series -

This worries me...last week there was a special on, showing the midnight reading, and interviews with JKR and the Australian winner of the essay competition. The girl...Emily, I think her name was, asked JK about the series being childrens books. JK answered that she writes what she would want to read, and doesn't alter her ideas to suit either children or adults in particular (this is not exact, but the basic gist of what she was saying).
We can argue that she will take the moral highground...but we could also say that she'll teach that lesson that sometimes we have to do things that we may not want to do...

I don't think he will use AK, I don't believe Harry has it in him to hate that terribly...I guess that is the difference. The DE and Voldemort have a hatred for life (the life of others) and enjoy killing, but Harry's hatred is from the love he had for the people Voldemort killed. He said to Sirius and Lupin in PoA that he didn't think his father would want his two best friends to become killers. Will Harry take his own advice? Will he realise that his father would not want him to become a killer either?

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Ok, I voted that he will use AK. However, not hesitating is not how I would put it. Here is how I see the final battle. Harry and Riddle have cast spells at each other and Priori Incantatem comes into play again. Though this time, Harry's parents, and all the others Riddle has killed will turn up and give Harry the confidence boost that he will need. Therefor, Harry's love for all those he has lost will surge through him and will ultimatly destroy Voldemort.

Thats just my take on it. :)

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i think harry would use the AK in the ootp bellatrix said to harry that he has to really mean it when he uses an unforgivable curse, won't harry mean to kill voldemort after all he has done to him??? :evil:


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I have to agree with Blaise on this. Not only for the points he's mentioned already, but also remember that Dumbledore has told us the one power that Harry has that Voldemort has never had and never will... his ability to love. Because of this it shows Harry has a heart, feelings and wouldn't likely kill anyone unless put in mortal danger, then perhaps it would happen as a last resort or instinct to survive. So I don't think he will be able to do the spell, however there is a way to force him to do it and still see him in the lights of being a hero. We know that Ron and Hermione will not easily abandon Harry even though he mentioned that he wanted them to stay away from him. They are his loyal friends and will stay with him threw it all even if it means one of their deaths, but see this is the loop hole in Voldie getting killed directly by Harry. If one of his dearest friends or even Ginny was to be in mortal danger, a threat to their very lives that he would have to react quick, without hestitation would he use a killing curse on Voldemort, my answer YES! To save the life of Ron, hermione, ginny or anyone of his closest friends (the weasleys)... he would not hesitate to use deadly force to protect the ones he loves... and here i think is what JKR is talking about having that power... a power that can defeat Voldemort.

Think about, he has a power the Voldemort can't have.... a power unsurpassed.... he and Voldemort will have to face off. We know harry has a wonderful heart and probably won't kill anyone in my opinion unless that person threatens those that are like family to him.....

so whatcha think ????


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I have to agree very heartedly with Aurora, if the life of any of Harry's loved ones is put in danger, he will most definitly have "the nerve" and "the ability" to defend them. That would make for an awsome and emotionally charged battle scene. I do have a question though but if there are already thoughts and theories in answer to this, could someone please point me to the thread...................If Harry does succeed in destroying all the Horcruxes(not counting the one in voldy)and we know he will, voldy then becomes "mortal" because the only part left to destroy is the bit of soul residing in voldys body, so therefore wouldn't he(voldy), in reality, be able to be killed by anyone?


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Good point mystical!
I think Harry will use AK. He will kill for the love of the people he has lost, for the love of the people who are around him and for the love of the world he has grown to love so fast. He will also kill for the hate he feels for the man that threatens to take the remaining people that matter most to him.

I think in the final book, Hermione and Ron will be standing right beside Harry- they will all be together at the final battle.


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See I disagree that he will be forced into killing Voldemort himself - I still feel there is was way he can bring about his end but without getting his hands dirty ...
I don't know why but JKR has shown Harry and Voldemort to be very similar - but the divide - the essence that keeps them apart is the choices they made/make and their respect of other life ...
Harry will not be afraid to die now - Voldemort is still frantic about the possibility - Harry can show compassion and love - Voldemort doesn't even know what it is and never felt it - as much as JKR talks of them being the same - there is some strong differences and while these differences remain in tact - then Harry maintains the upper hand ...
What is the worrying trend is how Harry is starting to loose his loving side in favour of toughening up for the battle ahead - this will be his undoing and make him no better than Voldemort once he looses his love.
The main point being is their differences - once Harry becomes a vendetta killer - he is no better than the people he seeks to destroy ... killing rips the soul ;)

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See, I agree Alz, but also think that Harry is capable of destroying Voldemort by using avada kedavra, remember what Dumbledore asked Harry about the prophecy?....." If you had never heard the prophecy, now, how would you feel about Voldemort?,think!?....And Harry replied...I'd want him finished, and i'd want to do it ".
Harry has plenty of reason to use the curse and until he thinks of something better, that will have to do.
However, the exact wording of the prophecy doesnt say kill it says vanquish. Which is different.


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JKR also said Harry hates Snape maybe moreso than Voldemort - if Harry was ever able to do AK - it would be at Snape and not Voldemort ...
Still - I wouldnt like to see Harry leave the series as a killer - he may push Voldemort that way but just dont like the idea he would be able to become what he sought to destroy ....

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Exactly, Harry has to hate Voldemort on principle, even though he does anyway, but Harry hates Snape more because he knows Snape more and Snape has been a constant thorn in Harrys side for years now, on a daily basis.Add to that he's a deciever on a more personal level, ( Harry knew and liked Dumbledore, almost saw him as a grandfather figure and even though Harry didnt trust Snape he was still a Professor and surely, would'nt murder his work collegue? ).
His loathing of Snape has been put across by J.k.r. as much more personal, and fiercer, after all if someone you knew were partly responsible for your parents murder, not the unknown murderer himself, who would you hate more ?.
The friend who betrayed, or the murderer?.


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I agree - in the hate stakes Snape would deliver the hate to complete an unforgivable curse but still - do you really think it is delivering the right note?
I think Harry can do other things rather than lowering himself to the level of using the same tools the people he seeks to destroy - I think that sends a more positive note than Harry turning into Arnie and dispatching all his foes with AK ...
Not sure I am making the right point - but in the context of 'feel good' factor - for Harry to leave the series with no real blood on his hands is what sets him apart from Voldemort ... I think that opposition between the two is another defining marker of difference - the good and evil


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I dont remember the books ever saying that anyone has to die. I remember it being said that niether can live while the other survives. thats careful wording there and a fine line but i dare anyone to cross it.