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Well, since there just doesn't seem to be much "Sirius" discussion available lately I thought I would add another fun thread into the mix!

Just suppose you could have magical powers for one day. We will assume that you knew ahead of time that it would happen, let's say about a week. Keep in mind that you would need to learn spells etc (but would learn them easily and quickly). You would also have a guide of your choice from the books to help you learn and show you where to go. And don't forget your wand! You would be given a moderate amount of Gallions, easily enough to cover a day's magic.
I'm still thinking about mine, I'll post it later.

I think I'd like a tour of a city I know well - but see the magical underworld that exists beside and around it. I'd like to find out which pubs the Wizards frequent. Where the stores are. That sort of thing.
well id get up really early to not miss a second
5.30 am : find diagon ally
5.35 am : (it didnt take long) purchse my wand and wave it around excitedly
6.00 am : order a quick kwick spell course and be a more knowlegabe witch than dumbledore
6.30 am : put on some robes to look the part and get some cool wizard sweets
7.00 am : go on a quick quest to find harry and the gang and ask him lots of question
9.00 am : buy a sack (for later, youll see;) )
9.15 am : magic myself some breakfast and practise making it fly around in the street narrowly missing passing strangers
10.00 am : try the real butter beer mmmm make some friends in the pub
11.00 am :attend a quiddich game ( a really eventfull one)
13.00 pm : take a look round the shops buying magical gadgets that arent very big
14.00 pm : go to gringots to see a goblin, then go on search of house elfs
15.00 pm : take a hippogriff riding lesson
16.00 pm : get my fortune told by 'a real' seer
17.00 pm : go for dinner with butter beer on the side with my new friends from the pub (they would still be in there)
18.00 pm : time to go back to the work of the muggle put all my gadget in a sack and summgle them out
18.35 pm : reached home
18.37 pm : play for hour with my new gadgets i successfully smuggled out
22.00Pm : fall asleep with a smile on my face hopeing i get another chance to do all the stuff i forgot
sadly, sometimes i reach my hand out to the remote and say 'Accio remote!' but alas nothing happens. so i would definitely perfect that spell, then purchase an invisibility cloak.
ok, heres what i would do.

I would start by going and purchasing my wand. i would hunt down the most experienced and knowledgeable wizard, and spend the day with him/her. we would work on devising a way of making it so i could keep my powers. while working on this, during my lunch break, purchase an invisibility cloak and a decent broom and go for a fly back to work. Continue devising the solution to my tempory-magic problem, which would be solved in the knick of time. I retain my magic and spend the next few years of my life being tutored by the most powerful witch/wizard, serving the position of a student, go-for, and general assistant until i have mastered magic. Then i head out on my own, and make my own spells and discoveries.

thats what i would do, and if you think thats cheating, well to bad. you never said that we couldnt devise a way to keep the magic.:p
MG - Geek? I think not! unless all of us are!:p I'm the one who's taken 5 days to figure out what I would do . . .

Up before Dawn to meet with my Wizard guide, Tonks if she's available that day. First step is a sidealong aparition to Flourish and Blots. I will peruse potion books for a few books that contain most of the potions I want to make, then purchase them along with all the ingredients necessary.

Then down the lane to Quality Quidditch Supplies, hoping that the broom will still fly me when I no longer have powers. I don't spend too much on my broom . . . a firebolt isn't necessary for a few muggle nighttime flights. Maybe even a used broom that's still in great shape.

Lunch in the Leaky Cauldron, while Tonks teaches me a few prank spells I can master quickly using one of her old wands. Pumpkin pastys . . . yum! And 3 bottles of butterbeer! (buuuuurrrrp*) excuse me!

Several quick sidealong aparitions with Tonks, and a few select people will now have to live with 4 foot long eyelashes for a few days.

With Tonks help we have put self cleaning charms on just about everything in my house, including the kids.

After several stops in nearly every wizarding shop left, we have still been unable to find an invisibility cloak . . . it appears several other new wizards have bought them all up. :mad:

Evening draws nigh, so we return to Hogsmead as time has just about run out. A few more bottles of butterbeer at the three broomsticks, and tonks gives me a few charmed prank objects that I can use without having to do magic myself. We sit at the table and I watch the witches and wizards around me. To them all this wonderment is commonplace, there is nothing unusual about a foating lantern, a self lighting cigar, a spilled wiskey cleaned up with a flick of a wand, or calling for your hat and coat to come zooming across the room to you when you are ready to leave. I wish they could see it through my eyes, but now my time is up, and Tonks brings me home.

A few trial spins on my new broom lets me know that it will work without magic, but Tonks reminds me that no one can see me. No problem . . . I love the night anyway; can't wait for the hours I'll spend sailing across the night sky, and above the nights silver clouds.

Morning comes, and I wake up in a world that those I met the day before might find just as wonderous as I found theirs. I sit up on the side of the bed and hold the wand in my hand, maybe, I wonder . . . a twist and a flick . . . nothing. I hadn't expected anything really, but you can always dream.

I place the wand back on the nightstand, then begin to peruse the potions books I bought . . . you know, you don't need magical powers to brew a potion. I bought ingredients for several beginner potions to learn on. But mostly I bought ingredients for some Felix, polyjuice, and veritiserum (that will come in real handy when my kids are teenagers and I ask them where they are going!) I bought enough to make each potion several times over as well. With Luck and dreams . . . who needs magic?