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Time Turners
I was reading DH tonight and had to laugh out loud. In my head, before he likes Harry, the voice of Kreacher sounds like a chain-smoker and after he likes Harry it sounds like an English butler stereotype trying to pacify his employer. ("Before Sir has his breakfast, perhaps Sir would care for a spin in the whirlpool baath...")

So when I got to the part where 'Dung is brought before Harry and starts to insult the noble house of Black- the part where Kreacher whacks him with the copper pot (brightly polished I might add!) I burst out laughing reading " Perhaps one more for good luck, Master Harry?" (ok, it is funny if you do the one will ever know...)

That line is my favorite quote of DH.

So, does anyone else have a favorite? (doesn't have to be just DH...)

What is it? Why?



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I was cracking up too when Kreacher said, "Perhaps one more for good luck, Master Harry?" =D

Well.. and of course we can't miss these:

"Give her hell from us" -Fred Weasley from OotP
(one of the best scenes in the entire series, in my opinion)

"Not my daughter, you B*****!!!" -Mrs. Weasley
(I love it when she yells. ;) especially when she's using some inappropriate language)

We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the one,
And Voldy's gone moldy, so now let's have fun!
"Really gives a feeling for the scope and tragedy of the thing, doesn't it?" said Ron.
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Time Turners
"Only if you're prat enough to go shouting about it. If go running down the street singing 'I've got an unbeatable wand! Come and have a go if you think your tough enough!"

I laughed so hard at that.